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Building an Online Business – Action Steps

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Action Steps
Image by AnatolyM

Building an Online business does not come without work.  You can read, research, study, etc, but without the work (action) nothing happens. Complete each of the following action steps, referring back to the related section for guidance as needed.  Take your time, let your creative juices flow, dig deep!

1.    Brainstorm your business idea, using the worksheets provided, and also searching with:

  • Google
  • Quantcast and Alexa
  • or eBay (depending on what type of product or business you’re researching

2.    Come up with a firm working idea of your business (even if it’s just a “what if” scenario right now)

3.    Identify your competitors

  • What is each competitor’s biggest benefit(s)
  • Where is the “gap” in their product line or services?
  • Who is their target group?

 4. Now consider the possible variations of this business that you could do.

  • Which one would appeal most to your clients or customers (or be most useful to them?)
  • How is this different from the way your competitors run this model?

5.    Look for a free forum most closely aligned to your niche or on internet marketing in general, and join it.  Make a habit of checking it every day. (If you find it useful and it has paid levels, plan to upgrade as soon as possible.)

Want all of the information? Begin at the beginning: Building an Online Business.

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