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Web Hosting Is a Necessity – Choose Carefully

Many Choices – Do Your Homework

Web Hosting
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In order to have a successful online business, YOU MUST HAVE an effective WEBSITE – and that requires web hosting.

Thiis service is provided by companies that offer space for websites on their computer servers that are connected to the Internet.

Space is available for “rent” by anyone who wants an online presence.

It comes in a variety of types each with its own capabilities such as:

  • Scripts for interactive functions
  • Bulletin boards and forms
  • Email Service
  • Credit card processing
  • Support teams
  • And more

Web hosting companies offer commercial packages for businesses; each package comes with a price. Fees may reach up to hundreds of dollars a year depending on the service provider, which are paid annually.

There are many, many options, so do your homework and find one that fits your needs right now. You can always change later as your business grows.

Free Web Hosting

It is also possible to find companies that offer FREE hosting but is not generally recommended for online businesses.

One reason is that advertisements and pop-ups are required, which customers hate. They also come with serious limitations and you would ultimately have to switch – another hurdle you do not want to create for yourself.

Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name is equally important, which requires registration and a fee (but relatively small), usually $10 – $25 annually.

Choose Carefully

When choosing your web host make sure you understand the restrictions placed by each service provider.

Scripting languages, functions and even content may be limited by certain policies. Read the fine print and also learn to read between the lines. Be sure you understand the terms of agreement with your chosen web host.

A critical point to check is exactly how your personal information will be used before signing up with them.

There are many reputable web hosting providers. Take your time to research the offerings and find one that meets your needs. Select the best web hosting service you can afford. This article may help you: Top 10 Web Hosting List 2016.

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