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Free Gifts to Build Your List: Video or Audio Series

Create a Video or Audio Series

If you are not into writing, but the idea of creating a series is appealing, create a video or audio series. Both mediums are very popular and fairly easy to create. Of course, you have to write the script, but since you will be speaking it rather than asking someone to read it, it is less intense than creating a text document.

Check out Camtasia, or use a Flip or Kodak video camera to create a dynamic series of informative lessons. Videos are a great way to “get in front” of your subscribers and give them the opportunity to know you, up close and personal.

Once you get into the rhythm of creating videos, try a video opt-in squeeze page to talk to visitors about why they should opt-in to your list and explain all the benefits they will receive from doing so. Don’t forget to include text options (a transcript) for people who prefer to read.

If you need help creating videos, check out Lou Bortone Video Training.

Audio Series

There is also a third option – an audio series. Not everyone likes video or text. With the advent of MP3 players, many people prefer to download audio and listen while driving or working out at the gym. For some niches such as self-development, spirituality, motivation, etc., this is the perfect medium. But, don’t stop there, an audio series can be effective in almost any niche.

A good course to help you with an audio series is Daniel Hall’s, Real Fast Audio Book. I know the course is for an audio book, but the principles of the process would be the same for creating an audio series.

Webinar Recording

If you are doing webinars, you are half-way there on this one. Simply record your webinar and provide a link for new subscribers. The webinar can be a solo performance or with a guest.

If this idea is totally foreign to you and you have no idea how to do a full-blown webinar, and are certain that you have no sophisticated webinar skills, check out You can use your web video camera to record the webinar.

If you are working without a list at the moment, seek out another niche marketer who would be willing to invite his/her list to your webinar. It is an opportunity for him to offer free perks to his list and you get to record it with live audience interaction to share with subscribers. NICE!

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