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Use Polls to Engage People and For Product Ideas

Point #15 – Use Polls to Engage People

Survey tools like provide a simple interface for creating surveys. Many people are willing to respond to a short survey (as long as you make it easy for them). Just send out a link to your survey on Survey Monkey. OR – you can use Facebook to do the same thing.

To cover all your basis and find out what works for your customers, try both!

Some people don’t use Facebook, but are willing to respond to a short survey as mentioned above. However, if your Facebook friends/fans are more likely to respond to a survey directly posted on Facebook – that would be a better choice for you.

In order to use Facebook’s survey (“poll”) feature, you have to be in a Facebook Group or create a Group.

Directions for “How to Poll a Group” from the Facebook Help Center:

  1. Click “Ask Question” at the top of the group.
  2. Enter your question and add poll options if you wish.
  3. Click “Post” to share it with the group. Only group members can answer questions or vote on polls that appear in a group.

You don’t have to use a poll to ask a question; but, on Facebook it offers a way to limit the variety of responses and also provides a method for tallying up responses.  That tally can be shared with the group. horny college coeds ride.

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