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The Niching Nest – Amazing Book


The Niching Nest

I just discovered this amazing book and wanted to share my find with you!  If you have ever struggled with finding your niche, The Niching Nest by Tad Hargrave, is the book for you. I highly recommend it.

Just click the image above to get an introduction to the book. I am fairly certain that after you realize what it has to offer, you will want to buy the book.

A quote from the book that resonated deeply with me:

So this is the choice: You can build a robot, or you can give birth to a child. The automaton niche might make you good money, but it may not fulfill you in the same way. And this really is the choice (with no right or wrong answer). How do you want to do business, and life?

I have an artist friend who started out wanting to connect the way he made money with his passions. He wanted to make money from his art. But, twenty years later, he’s doing everything in his power to separate them. He wants to make money from non-art things so that he can focus on his art without worrying about money.

Let me emphasize this point: There’s no right or wrong here. Before you answer the question “What’s my niche?” perhaps the more important question is, “Do I really want to be in business?”

Interested yet?  I hope so . . . give it a try. horny college coeds ride.

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