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Squeeze Page Technique for Peak Conversion

Point #7 – Squeeze Page Technique for Peak Conversion Rates

What do you think when you land on a squeeze page and an audio or video starts playing? Do you love it? Or hate it?

When asked, most people say they hate it – but statistics show that adding audio or video to a squeeze page increases opt-in rates.

Why does “auto-play” work . . . because you only have a second to grab the attention of visitors and stop them from leaving the page.    Notice I said “stop them from leaving.”

Even if they stop long enough to turn off the sound or stop the video, you have engaged them – they clicked on your page.  Their next action may be to put on a headset so they can listen to the sales message without sharing it with the rest of the office/home – OR – they may leave the audio/video turned off and read the copy on the page . . . but they are engaged.

It is true, they may hit the back button and leave the page, and I promise if the introductory sound bytes are obnoxious, that will certainly be the response from your visitor.

Learning Points:

  1. Add audio or video to your squeeze pages.
  2. Remember to leave the audio/video at auto-play,
  3. Introduce your offer in a manner that doesn’t immediately turn off the audience.

Note: In a future point, I will share how you can collect emails while making a sale. horny college coeds ride.

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