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100 Survival Tips for Small Business Owners

Image by Iqoncept
Image by Iqoncept

It’s Time to Impement!

This post concludes the series of survival tips for small business owners.

I am sure all of you will agree that running a small business is not easy. There are many roadblocks. But these “100 Survival Tips” are enough to get you started with conquering those challenges and getting past many of the common mistakes small business owners and entrepreneurs make.

Some suggestions for using these tips to your best advantage:

1.    From each post, pick one tip that strikes a cord with you and explore it in more depth.

2.    You could also pick one post (category) and put your energy toward implementing two or three of those tips for a week or month.

For your convenience, below is a link to each of the postings (just in case you missed any of them):

Good luck in your business ventures and here’s to your success!

My next series will be on “How to Build a Loyal Audience.” Hope you will join me. See you Friday!

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