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Structure of a Landing Page

Understanding the Structure of a Landing Page

The structure of a landing page and the fundamental components are determined by the size of your page as well as your goal. In the previous post, Types of Landing Pages, there was a screenshot of a landing page with bullet points  that would typically be classified as short copy, which is defined as less than 500 words. The example had less than 100 words. But, even with short copy it includes all the components of an effective landing page.

Let’s take a look at each component in detail.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is part of your brand and every message should support it. It is what makes your products or services different from what your competition offers. It is what makes your company better. This is something that you should be clear about before you begin creating copy. You may or may not state your USP outright; but, it should be clearly demonstrated through your language, format, design – and in the offer.


This is what visitors will see first. It is often the only complete sentence on the page. The page below demonstrates this beautifully.

Structure of a Landing Page

Your headline is critical – it should grab the visitor’s attention. It should immediately tell the visitor what the offer is, and motivate them to take action.

Basic Rule: Keep your headlines short, specific, and focused on one highly-desirable factor that will entice your prospects.

Below are a few examples of headlines that work:

  • __________ Little Known Ways to ________________
  • Announcing, ___________
  • Avoid These ___________ Mistakes
  • Don’t ___________ until You __________
  • Finally, _______
  • Get Rid of __________, Once and for All
  • How to _____________ in ____ Easy Steps
  • Put ____________ to Work for You
  • See Just How Easy It Is to ________________
  • Take the Guesswork out of _________________
  • Unlock the Secrets of _____________

Check out this excellent article from 5 Landing Page Headline Formulas You Can Test Today.

Use Power Words

Power words are effective because they evoke emotion and have more oomph than ordinary words.

For example, someone can be “happy” or they can be “ecstatic.” They can be “angry” or “livid.” Software can be “useful” or “incredibly powerful.”

A few power words and phrases to consider

  • results
  • easy-to-use
  • dramatically increase
  • secret
  • new
  • maximize
  • instantly
  • major breakthrough
  • overcome
  • proven
  • transformative
  • without breaking the bank

Well-chosen words and phrases can add emotion and impact to your headlines and to the copy on your landing page. Since the majority of landing pages have minimal copy, you must get to the point quickly. You have roughly 20 seconds to grab the visitor’s attention and s/he will make a decision about your offer in under a minute. So, be sure the structure of your landing page starts with a strong headline and jump right to the benefits. Don’t dilly dally!

Simple – but not always easy, until you do it enough to really “get it.” Practice (and split-testing) will result in perfection. horny college coeds ride.

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