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Stress Relief that Gets Results (WAH Series)

Stress at work is a fact of life. But when you are stressed at the office – what can you do about it?  Pretty much – NOTHING! You simply have to sit there and seethe, wish that you could be anywhere else, watch the clock until you can get out of there, and worry about breaking into tears in front of your coworkers and being reprimanded for not controlling your emotions.

Heavy, continual stress can sabotage your immune system and create illness. It makes your body susceptible to any virus or bacterial infection that is making the rounds in your world. You must find stress relief techniques that work for you.

Manage Your Stress

Image by stevanovicigor
Image by stevanovicigor

When you work at home, you can address issues when they come up. As with any business, you will have deadlines and pressure and horrible things that happen at inopportune times; but it is much easier to deal with such issues in the privacy of your own home than in a “public” office. You even have the luxury of shouting and screaming for a minute or two (to let off steam) if you choose.

Being in crisis mode continuously is no way to run a successful business because there will be no one in charge if you are so stressed out that you cannot function. It is important to learn to take a few minutes to deal with your emotions and stress when it flares – because now you can. Nurturing yourself through a crisis – allows you to get back to business much more easily.

Take a Break

Every once and awhile, give yourself permission to slack off for a day. Take care of necessary tasks and let everything else slide until tomorrow.  Or – work hard all morning and take the afternoon off to golf, or fish, or go to the movies

Image by GeorgeMuresan

– giving both your mind and body a badly needed break.

There may even be times when it would be wise to declare a “no-work day.”  BUT . . . these are for emergencies only – for really bad situations when work would be impossible because you simply cannot think straight.

When that happens – and it may – take the time without guilt and focus on healing the part of you that is hurting and clearing your mind so you can return to work and full productivity.

Stress Relievers

Of course, there will always be stress in your life. When you come face to face with a stressful situation (or person), deal with it immediately in the best way possible and take a few minutes to do something that alleviates the internalized tension.

In office setting, you have to be quiet and “say (or do ) nothing.” When you work at home – you have the freedom to do whatever you want!  Take 15-20 minutes for a visualization exercise, meditation, or deep-breathing exercises.  Other options would be to dance it off, clean the kitchen, bake a cake, or take a long, hot shower.

If you are more the outdoors type, take a walk, a run, or a short hike. If you have a pool, take a swim. Or, drive to a favorite place to sit and relax as you take in the beauty of your surroundings.

If you like to talk things out, find a confident that really listens or check out a counseling service called Doctors on Demand. You connect face-to-face via software with a licensed therapist. Talk through what is bothering you and go back to work with a clearer mind.

For some, a 30-minute nap can make all the difference.  Curling up on your bed with your eyes closed, relaxing, and letting go of worries for a few minutes is now an option.

Relationship issues can also be resolved in the moment – no more running out the door saying, “Let’s talk about it later,” and worrying about it all day. You can talk it through and get back to work without a cloud hanging over your head. horny college coeds ride.

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