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Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Tailor Your Strategy to Fit Your Niche

Target Your Niche
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Stay ahead of your competitors by tailoring your strategy to fit your niche. Different niche audiences respond to different search tactics.  For that reason, you cannot do something just because someone else did it. Your tactics must be customized to fit your audience. Each niche is different and your potential customers are going to be different, with different needs and wants than customers of unrelated niches.

Regardless of your niche, you want and need traffic. You must keep in mind that audiences respond differently and use different technology depending on the demographics. For example, some are mobile and some are not. It is up to you to determine the strategies that will get the response you want from your specific audience.

The first step is to give your audience as many options as possible. This may require getting outside help or finding tools that you can use. You need tools that are designed to help you go after targeted buyers. But, you also want tools that will teach you how to get the customers that are tougher sells.

Your SEO strategy should be specific to your niche – but wide enough to appeal to your entire audience. You need to develop strategies that work as a whole, but that can be tailored for each audience. For example, your strategy will be different for former buyers and potential buyers than it would be for people who are just browsing.

For example, you have a gardening website and sell all things related to gardening. If your SEO slant is mainly toward people who own homes and have yards big enough for a nice sized garden, you will be ignoring a huge potential audience made up of people who live in apartments and may be interested in container gardens.

When looking for something specific on the Internet, most people search by typing a few words into the search bar. They may not even know what words to use and just guess (trial and error). They certainly won’t type in the exact name of your website unless they know it is there (possibly a repeat customer or a referral).  This means that if you don’t use a variety of SEO tactics, you will miss out on a large audience.

Use the search engine as your assistant. When you enter the word “gardening” into the search box, a list of suggestions like “gardening tips” “gardening supplies” or “gardening for beginners” also pops up.

Use these as additional keywords in your content on your website. You may even want to use some keywords that you deliberately misspell (I know is sounds weird, but it works.)

Dominate Your Niche, Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

When you find something that works for your business, you can be sure that others are using the same strategy (or will be soon). Word spreads quickly about successful endeavors and everyone want to know how to do the same thing.

Business is competitive – a tug of war over customers and profit. The business with the more effective strategy will win when it comes to the big pull.

The one thing that gives you the edge is staying one step ahead of your competitors. You must keep your ear to the ground and be among the first hear about and implement the newest strategies and to use cutting edge tools.

When you are first to try new innovative strategies, every other business falls in line behind you. Customers remember the first individual (or business) to offer them exactly what they want. You can’t afford to be caught at a stand still, because business is constantly changing and you will be left behind.

This may require that you go where other businesses do not go, either because they haven’t heard about the new tools; or, they are afraid or unprepared to use them.

When you choose to stay on the forefront of what is evolving with SEO strategic tools, you will not only be ahead of your competitors, you will also end up with a bigger slice of the marketing pie. The best tool that I know of right now is SEO Enigma Reloaded

Of course, you can keep doing what you have been doing if it is working for you – but, if you are not seeing significant growth, you may just be treading water.

You know that you cannot reach the shore when you are treading water. You simply work hard to stay in one place. If you want to move, you must be willing to try a different stroke and move forward – and find out how to give customers what they want.

If you are using WordPress, you are probably familiar with the WordPress Plugins that can help you with SEO. You should also know about social signals and how Google Penguin affects you. If you don’t, find out! That is the type of information you must know if you plan to dominate your niche.

If you’ve been in the business for awhile, you know there are many SEO tools available. The fact is that some of the tools are good and others are not. One that you should be aware of is a tool that teaches SERP (Search Engine Results Page) dominance. It is a tool that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

SEO Enigma Reloaded will teach you how to evolve your SEO strategy to bring it current in order to build a bigger, better, more sustainable business – including the latest change in the Google algorithm, which you need to understand in order to rank well in the search engines.

If you have not already done so, check it out today! horny college coeds ride.

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