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Elements of a Squeeze Page that Converts

Point #5 – Squeeze Page that Converts

In Tip #4 you learned that planning for a great squeeze page involves really honing in on your ideal customer.  Now it is time to learn how to create a squeeze page that converts.

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Essential Ingredients of a Squeeze Page

  1. An attention-getting headline
  2. Statement of benefits – What they get and how it helps them
  3. Clear call to action – “Enter your name and email” to receive the free gift
  4. Opt-in form

If you use bullet points, be sure they explain how a response will benefit the visitor.  And . . . be sure that you follow through and deliver as promised.

People are getting more and more hesitant about giving away their email addresses.  AWeber has a form that allows people to opt-in using their Facebook account.  You can try this, but that means you have access to the email address they use for Facebook.  They are less likely to share that information.

Using a standard non-Facebook-type opt-in means you may end up with an email that they don’t use as much as the one attached to Facebook – but, your chance of closing a lead is greater than depending on a Facebook opt-in.  My recommendation is to reserve a Facebook connection for another time.

How much information should you collect?

The answer is simple – as little as possible. The more information you collect, the smaller the percentage of visitors that will opt in. The less information you collect, the greater the percentage of opt-ins. Request only the information you need – minimally the email address.

Can’t figure out what to use for opt-in bait? Be sure to read the next post.

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