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Split-test and Track Everything

[typography font=”Myriad Pro” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#bf1b36″]Split-test – Track – Analyze[/typography]

Split-test – Track – Analyze . . . Split-test – Track – Analyze! (Do you get the idea?)

In order to understand your return on investment (ROI), you must split-test, track and analyze everything. Even with brilliant marketing strategies unless you test, track, and analyze your results, they will not reach their full potential

From the very beginning, you must obtain the proper tools and educate yourself on how to use them to analyze every result – from emails and opt-ins, to all social media platforms, to promotions, to sales pages, to landing pages, to organic traffic on your websites, etc. EVERYTHING!

When you put a system in place, if it has tracking capacity, learn how to use it. They almost always have video tutorials. You may think you don’t need to do this, but you do. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that is is too difficult to learn or that you have too many other things to do.

Install Google Analytics on your Websites and/or blog. It is very easy to do and provides a wealth of information – of course you must take the time to learn how to analyze the information in order for it to be useful.

Google Analytics

Google offers a FREE training course, Digital Analytics Fundamentals, so learn how to make the most of the program! There is also a free plug-in – Google Analytics for WordPress. I have never used it, but it may be worth checking out. I have given you the links, so start using them today.

Google Analytics is an important free tool. It can do far more that the average person understands (or uses).  For a complete list go to the Features Page, but just to give you an idea . . .

Some of the analytics it provides are:

  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • Which social media sources are sending you traffic
  • Which specific content drives conversions
  • What your visitors are sharing (and where)
  • The impact of mobile use on your business

GA also provides:

  • A multitude of analysis tools
  • Graphs and charts, so you can quickly visualize statistics
  • Customization that allows you to see only what you need to see
  • Advanced segmentation and custom variables

These are just a drop in a hug bucket of the information you can glean. AND . . . and all the reports are real-time.

Peep Laja from Conversion XL is an absolute proponent of Google Analytics. He states, “While Google Analytics is so widely used, most marketers only scratch the surface when it comes to the reports they use. You can find insights for conversion optimization from lots of different reports & some of the juicier reports are lesser known.” Read the post.

A/B Split Testing Integrated with Google Analytics Custom Variables

I am sure you have heard about A/B split testing, but may be a novice at using the process, as I am. You will be happy to know that Google Analytics can help you set up the testing.

Just in case this is a new concept to you, A/B split testing means that you present the same ad, sales page, landing page, etc. with different elements – such as a floral graphic on one and a geometric graphic on the 2nd (or using two different colored “download” buttons). Then, you analyze the results (conversions) to find out which one works better – or if there is any difference at all.

If the thought of using a system to create this split testing overwhelms you, you may want to try it manually by pointing half your list to the 1st landing page with the floral graphic and pointing the other half of your list to the 2nd landing page with the geometric design.  BUT . . . I encourage you to take the time to learn to navigate Google Analytics and let the system do the testing for you automatically. It is so much easier and far less labor intensive.

The main thing to remember about A/B split testing is that you make only one change at a time. Then, you test and analyze before trying another change.

When I first started learning about this, it made me a little crazy; but I can honestly say that once you learn to do this, your marketing strategies will become far more effective than you thought possible. You must learn to test your campaigns and track the results – then adjust as necessary.

 Want all of the information? Begin at the beginning: Building an Online Business.

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