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Social Media Takes Too Much Time – Fact or Fiction?

Social Media Takes Too Much Time

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Social media can be extremely time consuming because you get drawn into it, exploring fans, friends and other pages.  The excessive use of time happens almost without your realizing it.

The problem is that you do need to devote a few hours a week minimally in the beginning.  You have to learn the interface and how to negotiate the landscape.  Find a good course and free YouTube tutorials to help you minimize the learning curve and help you get started.

For example, for Facebook, you may want to check out For Twitter, try Twitter for Beginners 2021. You can do a search on Google and find a wide selection of video instructions. Pick one and focus on it for the next 30 days.

One tactic I’ve seen people use that is very effectively is to ask a question of their fans on a regular basis.  Here’s an example using Facebook.  Your goal is to find out what your fans have experienced as far as contests sponsored on Facebook. You start off the day with something like:

Have you ever participated in a Facebook contest?  If so, I’d like to know what they offered for a prize and a little bit about the contest.  If you haven’t participated in any Facebook contests, is it because you weren’t interested or just never had the opportunity? Thanks for sharing!”

Then you let your fans follow up with responses.  Your part took about 30 seconds to kick off the question! When people respond be sure to “Like” their response. You don’t have to provide a reply unless you found the response required a reply. Just “Like” it.  Check in 2-3 times throughout the day and evening.

In the end, you’ve inspired interaction, won respect because you asked for their opinion, and ended up with some ideas for contests.

Action Steps

The main point is to BEGIN. If you learn how to use the platforms well, the time required will be minimalized.

  1. Pick a tutorial for one social media platform and apply what you have learned for the next 30 days – stay focused. Do not let yourself be distracted by other platforms.
  2. Take a half hour to jot down 30 questions to ask your audience.  Start posting them at the beginning of the day in to your chosen social media portals. Then check back two or three times a day with “likes” and responding when appropriate.

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