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Set-up Relationships with Your List

Point #13 – Set-up Relationships

If you like to learn from another person’s mistakes, rather than suffering the pain of learning from your own – this is a chance to learn from mine.

About a year ago, I was completely focused on building my list. I put in the time and energy to create a great opt-in offer, design a squeeze page, and actively publish articles to drive traffic back to my squeeze page.

Then, unfortunately, I became distracted by a new “hot strategy” or “push-button product.” Several weeks later, I logged into my Aweber account and was shocked to see that quite a few people had subscribed!

How cool is that?!?

Well, it would have been incredible . . . IF . . . I had I completed the process and developed a series of follow-up email messages to share with my readers. But . . . I had not done that – instead I had dropped the ball, and those leads went cold. What a waste.I kicked myself around the room several times and swore that I would never let that happen again.

I have learned how important it is to  work up a complete funnel that consists of the following:

  • The opt-in offer
  • A follow-up offer that is for a product around $7 or more. (I may even have one more money offer, but definitely I have one.)
  • A series of at least four email messages.

This is my process:

  1. 1st follow up is a reminder of the download link. It reminds them why they are getting an email from me and where they can get the offer via download, or as a shipped physical product.  My preference is to offer downloads as the main freebie.  In the 1st follow-up message I send them to the download page for the freebie, which also mentions the paid product offer.  Do not send the freebie product in your email. If you do you miss out on an opportunity to turn your “prospect” into a “buyer.”
  2. 2nd follow up – I ask if they liked the gift; and then, I share a bit about my background and what qualifies me to be an authority in this topic.  I also remind them that they can contact me with questions.
  3. 3rd follow up –I ask them to respond to a quick question. This is done via a short one-question survey. You can use Google forms, Survey Monkey, or some other free survey tool.  Or simply ask them to “hit reply” to the message to send their response directly to you.
  4. 4th follow up has an offer for a paid product that is highly relevant to the original freebie offer.  I share with them how the two items can work together to grow their business, profits, etc.
  5. 5th follow up is an invitation to participate in a free tutorial, workshop or coaching. It may also be a free report, but at this stage I want to get some air time so a tutorial type setting is ideal. You can set it up as a recorded session making it available to the reader at anytime.

The timing for these emails is:

  • Message 1:   Immediately after they opt-in.
  • Message 2:   One day after opt-in
  • Message 3:   One day after message #2
  • Message 4:  Two days after message #3
  • Message 5:   Two to three days after message #4.
  • Message 6:   Two to three days after message #5.
  • Message 7:   Two to three days after message #6.


Personally, I like to send something out at least every three days, but that is my routine.  I know some very successful marketers who send out messages twice a day!

That reminds me…some messages you send to your subscribers may be generated by your social media portals. For example, people may choose to receive Facebook updates in their email.

This is a great introduction into the next topic which involves building a following using social media.  

P.S. Stay tuned for a new posts to help you build up a massive following using the viral nature of social media! horny college coeds ride.

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