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Say NO to Fear and Start Building Your List

We have covered a lot of information that can help you build a list; but, you may still be worried that your opt-in freebie will not be good enough, or add enough value to entice people to subscribe, or that you will not be able to write stunning emails that will keep people coming back for more.

I know . . . list building can seem like a daunting task and can be quite scary. But, it is critical to say no to fear and start building your list today. The main thing to keep in mind is that nothing has to be perfect in the online universe. When you start out, what you put out is not set in stone – you can add, delete, or change everything – your Website, opt-in boxes, freebies, postings, etc., anytime you want.

As your skills improve and your understanding of the process grows, the online venue allows you to improve your output, as well. This is a different world from the world of offline marketing where millions are spent on TV commercials, newspaper ads, and billboards to promote products. Those cannot be changed in an instant, but with your list-building system, you can change anything, and everything, whenever you choose.

More Free Gifts to Consider

Tips or How To’s

You are excited about what you have learned on list building. You want to set up your first “opt-in form;” but you don’t have anything to offer. The eBook or series you have planned is still in the works. So, you believe you have to wait.  Not so!

Today is the time to start building. Right NOW! This minute!

You have experience, knowledge and passion about your niche, so set up your opt-in box with a promise to provide free tips, helpful hints, guidelines, or “how to’s” that apply to your niche. You can gather them or create them, as you go. All you need is one good one to get started.

The first tip will be included in your welcome email and you build from there. You can send tips as frequently as you choose. You do not have to follow an exact schedule. But, as we discussed in previous postings, consistency is important – so every week would be a good possibility. When there is too much time between messages, they may forget who you are. Remember: “Out-of-contact – out-of-mind.”

Your squeeze page should be clear, simple, and attention-grabbing. For example: “Sign up today for free tips on how to lose weight and keep it off!”  Not so difficult? Right? You can do this!

Take Requests

Another approach is to create an opt-in which invites subscribers to request information they are seeking. In other words, they get to tell you what they need.

For example, if your business is providing Private Label Rights (PLR) materials, visitors could opt-in to receive announcements for new PLR releases – and you could have an additional box on the form to enter a specific niche request.

Offer a Free Tool

A free tool can be a unique and highly-effective opt-in gift. If you do not have the inclination or skills to create a tool yourself, hire someone to create it for you. is a good source for finding people who can create software tools. You could offer a personalized calorie counter, or keyword search tool. Be sure  the design includes your brand so the user is continually reminded where it came from.

Final Thoughts

The possibilities are endless.  I promise once you get going, you will come up with your own ideas of innovative opt-in freebies to offer.  The most important thing right now is to get started! horny college coeds ride.

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