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Paid Traffic Advertising #10 – Retargeting or Remarketing

Retargeting or Remarketing

Point #41

Retargeting or remarketing is a relatively new form of marketing that works on a premise similar to the reason you use a squeeze page and offer to build a list of subscribers. It helps you connect with people who may like what you have to offer, but aren’t ready to buy – yet.

Retargeting works in a similar way by presenting ads for offers previously introduced to visitors. Perhaps you sent them to a sales page or emailed them an offer.  Cookies are used to “mark” this person as a candidate for retargeted ads.

Retargeting delivers ads to consumers based upon some previous activity.

For example:
When you were Christmas shopping you browsed Amazon looking for toys for your kids. Maybe you looked at a cool RC helicopter for your daughter (OK, OK, we know it’s really for you. LOL)

You review some RC toys including a helicopter. Sweet deal, but you click away to do something else.  Later in the day you are reading an article on Huffington post and lo-and-behold, there is an ad on the sidebar for that SAME RC helicopter. Isn’t that a coincidence?  No, it is retargeted marketing.

Good news! This type of marketing is not just for the Big Guys. It is very effective and affordable for the rest of us without a marketing budget as big as Amazon’s.

Action Step

Explore more retargeting possibilities by reviewing these sites:

EBay Enterprise
Perfect Audience

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