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Quick and Easy Information Products

To monetize your website, it is critical to learn how to develop quick and easy information products. The best way to do this is by turning your expertise into products.


Many people begin their online life as a blogger. If you chose to follow that route, and have been blogging for a while on a specific topic, there is a good chance you already have enough content for an e-book.

Image by Simpson33
Image by Simpson33

The next step is quite simple. Compile all the posts into a book; separating them appropriately into chapters; adding chapter transitions; adding an introduction and creating a catchy title. Voilà! your book is ready for editing, formatting, and publishing.

Many self-published authors have used this method for publishing their first books.

For example: Ryan Healy, a freelance copywriter with a copywriting blog, decided it was time to publish a book. Rather than starting from scratch, he browsed through his blog posts and found a large number about how to create non-fiction content quickly. Those posts were his instant gold mine. He compiled them into his first book titled “Speed Writing for Nonfiction Writers: How to Double or Triple Your Daily Word Count.

The method worked well for him, why not for you?


But . . . what if you haven’t been a blogger, or written anything about the topic you want to use for product development – what do you do? Simple – just start! Obviously, it will take a little longer, but it is completely doable.  I am assuming that, you either have some expertise – or a great passion about your subject,  so  here we go …

  • Pick your topic
  • Make an outline
  • Research areas you are unsure about
  • Start writing

E-books and special reports do not have to be long – just informative and well-written. Your goal should be to provide value to your reader. Solid information presented in a clear and easy-to-read format will be extremely useful to the right audience.

The most popular publishing platform is Kindle (no surprise, right?) So, if you want to publish through Kindle, no worries. Those books do not have to be long either. They typically range from 55 to 80 pages in Kindle format, which is not big (5.89 X 7.91).

Non- writers

But . . .  what if the thought of writing a book is overwhelming?  Guess what, there is an alternative. Chances are you know how to talk, so “talk” your book.

Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software can help you with this project. The software is only $60.00, and the premium version only $130.00. The software gives you, “the ability to create, format, and edit documents by voice [which] allows you to think out loud and break through barriers to creativity.” So easy!

Have Someone Else Do It

What if using a software program like that is too daunting? Just talk your book into a recorder and use FIVERR to find a transcriber (audio to text)  at a very reasonable cost. Then, you can edit, proof, format and publish – or hire someone to do those steps, as well.

Tech-Savvy? Try This Instead

Image by kikkerdirk
Image by kikkerdirk

Or . . . why not start with an audio book? If you are tech savvy you can create a PowerPoint slideshow and use your audio recording as a voice over for the slides and offer it as a video product.

Final Thoughts

All you need are three or four of these different kinds of products to offer customers and it will not be long until you will be seen as one of the experts in your field. You will even begin to get calls from people wanting to interview you. The biggest challenge is to get started . . . so do it today! horny college coeds ride.

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