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Putting It All Together – Planning Your Ideal Business

Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together
Road to Tomorrow – Image by Trey Ratcliff

We have covered a lot of information and it may take several re-reads of each section in order to digest it completely – now it’s time for putting it all together.

To help you, I am going to post worksheets starting today to help clarify your thinking and give you a framework to create your business plan, strategy and overview. There will also be a couple of worksheets (and additional information in the near future) to help you plan for expansion (building your sales funnel). But . . . remember, it is critical to always keep your long-term goal(s) in mind.

Remember – no small thinking allowed. Keep the BIG picture clearly in mind and plan from the very beginning to turn your business into an empire. If you move forward and always frame your thinking from that perspective, you will be able to grow your empire in a natural, organic way without becoming intimidated or overwhelmed. And, so . . .  you begin now . . . one right step at the right time.

Complete all of the worksheets. Don’t rush! This step is very important. Find a nice quiet place where you will be undisturbed. You may want to work on one worksheet at a time rather than trying to “get it done” all in one sitting. To encourage you to do it that way, I am only going to post Worksheet #1 today. I will post the others in a few days.

As you work with the questions on the first worksheet, you will be happier with the final result if you go through them quickly the first time and jot down answers that pop into your to mind – first impressions – no filter, just honest gut reactions. Let them sit overnight and then, go back and work through them more slowly. Use your gut reactions as a starting point and from there, give your final answers very thoughtful consideration – incorporating your gut reaction answers whenever possible. In other words, let your heart and creative spirit be part of the process.

Enjoy the process – it is the beginning of the rest of your life as you build your ideal business to establish your financial empire.

Except for Worksheet #1, the worksheets, as I have created them, are templates only. There will be information your business will require that I did not think of; but, should definitely be included in your company’s manual. Adjust as necessary.

It is also possible that some of the things I have listed may not be appropriate for your business (although, not likely). Don’t discard anything too quickly.

Worksheet #1

My Ideal Business

“More than anything else I the world, I love….”“I feel fulfilled when…”“I want to create a business that…”“I see myself…


“My primary and ultimate goal for my business is…”


“My primary and ultimate goal for my family is…”


“My primary and ultimate goal for my lifestyle is…”



Begin with the end in mind . . . .(Steven Covey)
Goal – 5 years
Goal – 3 years
Goal – 2 years
Goal – 1 year
Goal – 6 months
Goal – 3 months
Goal – 1 month

Before you go . . . be sure to visit my page:  Resources for Building an Online Business. 

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