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Purpose of a Squeeze Page

Point #3 – Squeeze Me Gently…

In Point #2 you may remember that one of my recommendations is to use a page dedicated to collecting leads.  In marketing parlance this is referred to as a “squeeze page.”  So why do you need one? What is the purpose of a squeeze page?

Definition of a Squeeze Page: a landing page designed to collect the email address (at a minimum) of the visitor, through an opt-in form. They have one objective: to get the visitor to “opt-in.”

A squeeze page is NOT a Sales Page. The objective of a sales page is to make a sale.  That is not the objective of a squeeze page.

In most cases, you will make more money by sending the majority of your traffic to a squeeze page rather than a sales page, which may seem counter-intuitive or weird. However, the reason it is true is because there is more money in long-term connections than in a single one-off sale.

Long Copy vs. Short Copy

In most cases, shorter is better.

The best squeeze pages hit “hot buttons” of curious people who “need to know.”  The content should be three to seven bullet points about something visitors would be very interested in knowing. You can even be successful with a single point if it is strong enough to capture interest, for example:

Enter your email address below to find out the #1 reason why women have a hard time losing belly fat.”

That one bullet point was extremely successful because it promised the answer to a popular topic and was highly targeted to women who wanted to lose belly fat.  Guess what? Men also opted-in to get the answer, as well.

Below is an example of an effective squeeze page:

(This squeeze page is also highly-targeted, which we will discuss more in Point #4.)

Purpose of a Squeeze Page

Now that you know what a squeeze page is and why it is important to have a dedicated page, stop right now and start creating one today to use for building your list.

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