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Purpose of a Landing Page

Landing Pages

Happy Tuesday – hope it is a good one! It is for me because I am happy to announce the beginning of a new series: High-Converting Landing Pages.

For the next few weeks I will be discussing landing pages and their importance in developing a strong online presence. Let’s get started and begin at the beginning with the purpose of a landing page.

Firepole Marketing

You are probably spending valuable time and energy on marketing your products or services. You may be using email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and other marketing strategies. It is also likely that each campaign, regardless of the platform, is designed to drive traffic to your website where there is the potential for visitors to become followers, prospects, and eventually customers.

The problem is that if you are sending all website visitors to the same page, you may be missing valuable opportunities. Plus, if that same page is a home page or even a blog page, that can also be cause for lost revenue, which is exactly why you need a landing page.

A landing page is a website page that his designed with one goal, making it significantly different from others pages that may have multiple goals and options for visitors.

A landing page typically drives one of five actions:

  • To give you permission to contact the visitor (which builds your  list)
  • To click through to a another page (your site or an affiliate site)
  • To buy something (or get a freebie)
  • To tell friend about you, your product, or your service
  • To learn something from you – and possibly comment or provide feedback

It is called a landing page because it is designed for a specific audience to land there. You can have a landing page for your email subscribers and a different landing page for your Facebook followers and yet another landing page for your Twitter followers – all offering or selling the same thing.

Landing Pages vs Sales/Opt-in Pages

Landing pages give you the ability and the power to craft customized content for each unique marketing tactic and each segment of your audience – and allow you to evaluate how the different audiences respond.

You can also change the content on a landing page for your specific audience if it seems appropriate. The landing page content for your Facebook audience may be different than what would be effective for your Twitter audience.

Sales pages and opt-in pages do not allow you to customize and segment your content nor will they give you the same level of analytics and information.

To put is simply, landing pages allow you to create targeted traffic which means they increase the likelihood that you can convert those visitors.

Earlier, I mentioned that there can be different goals for a landing page. In the next posting, we till look at those goals and types of landing pages in a bit more detail. So, stay tuned! horny college coeds ride.

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