Writing has always been may passion.  I have used it in one form or another in my professional life since my first job as a teacher in  San Francisco many years ago.  That passion coupled with an intense curiosity about life and how things work have brought me hours of satisfaction and joy.

My books are  the result of my passion and curiosity working together. (Click each title below for a preview and to BUY your copy.)


Mama’s Legacy Cookbook Series

Candy Making Made Easy – Instructions and 17 Starter Recipes

Cake Making Made Easy – Instructions and 60 Cakes

Cook Ahead – Freezer to Table

The Healthy Diet Cookbook

Sweet Tweets: Candy, Cookies, Cake, Pie, Ice Cream

Garden Fresh Soups and Stews

Fun in the Kitchen for Tweens and Teens


Growing Roses (Susan Sumner)

Growing Tomatoes


DETOX – The Master Cleanse Diet

Power Up Your Brain (J. J. Jackson)

Why Juice? The Secret to Vibrant Health

Stop Eating Yourself into an Early Grave

The Secret to Successful Dieting

WOW! You Look Fantastic


Attitude Adjustment


Clicker Training for Dogs (Amy Ellsworth)

Making Money with Storage Unit Auctions (Bryce Cranston)

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