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Planning Reduces Stress


Be prepared for all contingencies and remember that planning reduces stress; however be cautious in the way you prepare.Every day you see announcements and marketing tactics for new computer programs and applications that promise to make your life easier – and many of them deliver exactly as promised.


Do your homework. Figure out what you need to make your business grow, to make your tasks more effective and efficient, and to move you forward toward the accomplishment of long-term goals. Before you sign on the electronic dotted line, thoroughly investigate all the available products for each area where you need help. NEVER buy on impulse!

There are hundreds of computer programs available that can smooth out your day and help relieve some of the stress you are experiencing from being computer-dependent. There are even programs that produce images on your screen to remind you to keep your breathing slow and deep. You can find an application for almost anything. Whatever you need, it is out there. All you have to do is look. However, please read the following paragraphs carefully.

Purchase only products that will directly contribute to the fulfillment of your long-term goals.

Avoid being captured by powerful sales hype that will make you believe that you absolutely cannot live without the product (even if it has nothing to do with your business plan). Be cautious in your decisions to buy and tight-fisted with your money. You want to avoid throwing money down a black hole that will provide absolutely no return on your investment.

When you have made the decision to purchase a product that seems to fit your needs – the last question you should ask yourself before finalizing the purchase is, “Do I have the time to study the product and begin using it immediately? If the answer is not a resounding yes (including a commitment to do so), walk away.

Regardless of the potential, there is no software program or application that is worth the price if you do not use it and learn how to make it work for you immediately. If you do not begin using the product within a day or two of purchase, there is a very good chance you never will. Unused software and applications are a terrible waste of money. So before you actually purchase anything, carve out time in your schedule to study and implement the program quickly – put it to work within days of the purchase – or do not buy!


planning reduces stress
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You probably know by now that things can go wrong with all things computer/Internet related. Be prepared – have contingency/protection plans in place. I am sure that you know by now that you should save your work frequently as you go, but there is so much more you need to do.

You must have some method in place to backup all the files that you would not want to lose as the result of a computer crash, virus, theft or any other catastrophic event.

Of coure it is not uncommon to think that none of those things will happen to you; and, hopefully, they never will. But, if something does happen (as it has to me), you will be glad that you have contingency plans in place – and backing up your files regularly is at the top of the list.

There are software programs, subscription services and applications that can help prevent the loss-of-data occurrences or make them easier to manage if they do happen.

  • Learn to use the functions on your computer that allow you to restore your system to a previous point in time without losing files.
  • Take advantage of back-up disks that allow you to reinstall your entire computer’s programming if the need arises.
  • Buy a surge protector. Having one in place is so much better than trying to recover from the aftermath of a power surge that creates havoc with your system.

Take all the steps listed above. They are easy, relatively inexpensive, and will save you endless headaches later.

Good planning and preparation will make your work go smoothly. They allow you to get everything done quickly and easily with a minimum of stress. Through time management, handling emails effectively, and utilizing the latest computer programs and applications, you can cut your stress down to a bare minimum. horny college coeds ride.

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