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Paid Traffic Strategies #2 – Pay-per-view Advertising (PPV/CPV)

Pay-Per-View Advertising (PPV/CPV)

Point #33

Welcome to the world of life interrupted with Pay-per-view Advertising (PPV/CPV), an online advertising that is classified as “interruption marketing.”  This is where the marketer pays for pop-up or pop-under traffic.  It also is referred to as pay-per-view or cost-per-view in the industry.  This was extremely effective marketing strategy from 2007 -2009, but less so today. The trigger is software the viewer downloads, typically a game.

Bids are extremely low, some as low as $.002 to $.01

This is 100% opt-in and the pop ups contain your advertisement.  As it is opt-in distributed, it is not considered spyware.

Advertisers are charged on a per view basis.  Traffic can be redirected to a CPA (cost-per-action) offer. A CPA offer is when the advertiser only has to pay if an acquisition has been made

As an advertiser you bid on keywords or domains.

Action Step:

For more information on PPV/CPV advertising, check out these websites:

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