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What to Do When Opt-in Offers Fail

What to Do When Opt-in Offers Fail

Point # 2

Opt in offersAre you familiar with Opt-in Offers? You need to understand them if you want to build a list, which you are probably already convinced is necessary. You probably also know that to do that, you need the following:

A good autoresponder

Something to offer potential customers (opt-in bait)

A hook to capture the contact information in exchange for the offer (opt-in capture form)

You are sure you have juicy bait and a lake full of fish; but the fish are not biting. You have the core components required for capturing leads; but when that is not happening, you must evaluate a few things – something is missing.

Check all of the following:

  1. Are you sharing links to your opt-in offer? If not, then it is time to start. It is not a matter of “If you build it, they will come.”  You have to let people know about your offer.
  2. Put a teaser and link to the webpage that contains the opt-in offer EVERYWHERE: In your email signature – On your business card – In your phone messages – In forum signatures – Even your car window.
  3. Use a dedicated squeeze page.  Yes, you can put an opt-in form on your home page and posts, but leverage a dedicated squeeze page for collecting email addresses.  I’ll talk more about this in the next posting.
  4. Are the people you are attracting hungry for what you are offering?  Let’s say you are building a list of people who want to know how to cook French cuisine.  It is probably not a good use of your time participating in a weight-loss forum.  People there just aren’t “hungry” for your topic.  You may get some leads from this activity from people who are curious, but you cannot build a business from curious shoppers. Use your time more wisely by participating in a “how to cook” forum or someplace with similar interest full of hungry buyers.

If you haven’t already started to create a few good opt-in offers – now is the time to start!

In the next post I will share why you need a page dedicated to the opt-in process.

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