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Meet the Author

Nancy N. Wilson

My journey as a writer and author started in 2012 when I suddenly lost my job (which I hated). I was both thrilled and devastated. Given my rather advanced age (73 at the time) I knew that finding another job was going to be challenging at best and impossible at worst . . . but, the truth was I didn’t want one.  I wanted to work from home and be my own boss again.

Most of my professional life has been spent as a small business owner or a corporate consultant. Experience told me that working for other people usually did not work for me, and I should stop trying to make it work.  I felt sorry for myself for a couple of days, raged for a minute or two about the injustice of it all, and then decided I was exactly where I needed and wanted to be – even though I had to survive with a very small savings account, no steady income, and  no idea what I was going to do next.

Having long ago embraced the philosophy that you create the life you want, I decided it was time for some serious introspection, which I started with two difficult questions: “Who am I?” and “What do I really want?”

Starting with the first question, I acknowledged to myself that two of my strongest skills were leading and teaching, plus I am a pretty good writer, a hidden talent that surfaced during my senior year in high school (so far back, it is surprising that I still remember).  then, I made a list of words that describe me (and think others would agree for the most part) – I am friendly, kind, sensitive (maybe too much so at times), hard-working, honest, ethical, direct, and opinionated. Mostly positive things, although the last two are not always appreciated by others, but they fit.

And finally, “What can I do that incorporates my three major skills and allows me to be who I am at all times?”

At the “wise-woman” stage of life (a fancy phrase for old), I was no longer willing to fit anyone’s mold. I wanted to be my own boss and do something that made me happy – and served others in some way. Teaching, primarily through my writing felt like the perfect choice. The problem was I didn’t how or where to go for help to make that happen.

Obviously, I ended up on the Internet looking for answers . . . and so the adventure began.

It has been interesting, challenging, frustrating, annoying, disappointing and financially difficult, but extremely exciting. One of the biggest disappointments was the number of unethical people on the Internet making wild promises that cannot be kept, selling shoddy products, and taking money without giving any value in return.  I know, because they hooked me time and time again, taking a lot of my money – especially the first year – almost $10,000, plus another $10,000 that I managed to have refunded by fighting like a wild woman to get it.

I made a lot of mistakes . . . and, I learned a lot! My goal now is to expand my reach and to share my hard-earned knowledge about the journey of becoming a solo entrepreneur on the Internet.

My promise to you and everyone who travels with me as I continue on my journey is . . .

. . . to always tell the truth as I know it. In my writing, on my blog, in my books, in my courses, in my coaching, and when I speak, you will get the straight scoop. My intent is to do everything I possibly can to help you avoid the pitfalls, handle the challenges, and succeed as a solo entrepreneur on the Internet.

More About Me . . .Why I Write

All things beautiful are my passion. I enjoy anything that a masterful hand creates. Writing is one of those, cooking is another and the third is the human body, mind and spirit. The first two captured my interest and imagination at a very young age, the third came much later.

As a young child, I was very curious and always wanted to know why something worked and how it worked. My mother allowed me to explore almost anything that interested me – including giving me things to take apart, such old clocks and radios. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know and then, I discovered the wealth of information that could be found in books.

Reading became the center of my life. The town library was located in the Women’s Club of the little farming community that I called home. In my eyes, it was the grandest building in town – newly built, with a heavenly air-conditioner that sheltered me from the blazing heat of Arizona summer days. It was my personal cocoon in which I could read the hours away and enjoy the magical journeys I could take through the power of words! My love affair with the written word began and has never really stopped.

I read books of all kinds and was particularly fascinated by science fiction. Those books were behind some of my early goals, which included becoming the first woman on the moon (a wild fantasy at the time . . . it was long before space travel), and to become a famous doctor who discovered the cure for cancer or some equally horrible disease. Even though neither of those goals became a reality, my interest in science and how things work – especially the human body – has never waned.

As I moved into my teenage years, I continued to devour books by the dozens; but, my first adventure in writing did not come until my senior year in high school when I decided to take a writing correspondence course (which was very forward-looking for the time). I experienced the first thrill of putting pen to paper, and all these years later it is still one of the most pleasurable activities in my life

I began my love affair with cooking when I was very young. As soon as I could reach the counter top my mother gave me free reign in the kitchen. I was allowed to mix and mix and mix, building my masterpieces. They were nothing more that wild combinations of flour, sugar, spices and water, but to me it was creating at its best. When I finished with each endeavor, we tossed it all and happily cleaned up the kitchen, looking forward to the next time. My creative spirit in the kitchen had taken root.

My interest in the intricacies of the human body, the power of the mind and the strength of the human spirit came in my mid- to late forties when I found myself a divorced, single-mother of four children – two teenage daughters and two young boys. Suddenly, I was on my own and had to find a way to make it all work. The following years of deep personal introspection and self-discovery were amazing and life changing; and now, I want to share my thoughts and experience with others through my writing.

If I had my druthers, I would write all the time. In fact, that is pretty much what I do because I have reached a point in my life where it is now possible.

I continue to read voraciously and write about subjects that interest me. My goal is not only to share my findings with others, but hopefully to inform and help others with their own personal explorations.

All my work is non-fiction. I am more curious than imaginative by nature and have always been interested in the how’s and why’s of life. Even though I love fiction, that has never been my focus and there are others who do it so much better than I. My choice has always been and will continue to be to write about topics that interest and intrigue me and to share what I discover with my readers.

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