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Paid Traffic Strategies #8 – Mobile Advertising

Point #39 – Monetize Your Apps


Mobile advertising is something you must do.

It will probably come as no surprise that there are more mobile screens in the world than computer screens.  When you consider all the computers used for business support, plus personal use, the number is huge; but, who doesn’t have a mobile phone . . . and more and more people get them everyday.

People tend to do more research using a mobile phone than ever before. You see them doing research in the checkout lane, while waiting for a driver’s license renewal, in the dealership while waiting for service…smartphones enable people to search and research wherever they can connect to the Internet.

You have probably encountered (or at least know about) promotions to get your old out-dated website “mobilized.”If you have a smartphone or tablet, take a look at your website and take note of how it appears.  Is everything super-small-sized?  Is it difficult to navigate?  If so, then your website needs revamping to make it more mobile friendly.

Which brings us to mobile advertising.

Advertising via mobile phones is continually changing in order to take advantage of streaming ads, video, and coupons. You may have seen the odd square graphic in a magazine advertisement, or email, or even on a sidewalk banner prompting you to scan it with your smartphone. These are QR Codes – another way to advertise using mobile.

AdMob is a large advertising network purchased by Google.  It integrates with apps to get your mobile advertisement in front of more mobile users.

AdLeads offers a nice twist to advertising with their goal to help you build lists of well-targeted consumers who are highly motivated to buy your products or services.

Action Steps

DO NOT hide your head in the sand when it comes to mobile advertising.  As mentioned earlier, mobile devices already outnumber computers.  This is not a trend that is going to reverse itself, it will only continue to expand.

Learn more about mobile advertising from these companies:

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