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Look for the Gifts in Every Moment

Look for the Gifts Life Give You – Be Vigilant

Look for the gifts in every moment
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There life moments when the weight of living seems unbearable. One obstacle after another appears on your path, everything seems to be falling apart, and exhaustion is the norm. You want to give up, but you know you can’t.

There is a positive way to face these moments. All that is required is to stop – step back – close your eyes –  breathe –  and look for the gifts. I know, the voice in your head is screaming, “The gifts? What gifts? There are no gifts in all of this!”

In moments of crisis, it is difficult to believe there are gifts buried somewhere in the middle of it all. Your head and your heart are pounding with pain and questions. But, if in those moments, you can pause long enough to look for the gifts, you may begin to realize they are there.

Every Experience Carries a Gift

Every life experience carries with it a lesson or a blessing, which are gifts if you can accept them as such.

This is true of all experiences, even the most painful ones like terrible accidents, fires of great destruction, the loss of a loved one, or natural disasters. There is a gift in each one, if you are willing to look deep enough and long enough to find it.

It is not easy to look for the gift of lessons learned or blessings received – especially when the situation is extreme and devastating, but it will help ease some of the pain.

You have to work through the pain by first acknowledging that the situation is what it is. In many cases there is nothing you can do to change it. But, you can ask yourself the following questions,

  • What lessons I can learn from this?
  • How will this experience help me make better decisions in the future?
  • How will this experience make me a better and stronger person?
  • Why is this an important experience in my life?

There is as much, if not more, to be learned from failure, heartache, and disappointments, as there is from joyful, happy moments. But, in fairness, the gifts are easier to find in the happy moments than in the mundane, negative, or traumatic moments.

Find the Gifts

The gift of finding yourself alone on a dismal Sunday afternoon may be several hours of quiet time to send notes to loved ones, to read a book without interruptions, to listen to your favorite music – or, to take a long, luxurious nap.

The gift of rain on your daughter’s wedding day may be the wonderful stories they will tell about the adventure and laughter everyone shared while trying to get pictures in the pouring rain. There is also the lovely reminder that what really matters is the love between two young people just starting their life together.

What about the young mother whose newborn cries all the time? The gift is the time she spends rocking and holding the baby while learning unconditional love and patience – developing an understanding of what her child needs to be soothed and nurtured.

Gifts in the Happy Moments

Look for the Gifts in Every moment
Image by oneinchpunch/iStock

What about the happy moments? These you just enjoy. There is no need to look for gifts in those moments – they are gifts in themselves. Right?

That may be true, but what an opportunity those moments give you to embrace and appreciate the wonderfulness of having them in your life.

Instead of simply enjoying your good fortune and quickly moving on, take time to deeply immerse yourself in your happiness. Express the heartfelt joy, and gratitude for the many blessings you have and for all those yet to come. Sometimes when happiness is abundant, it is easy to forget that it is a gift.

When you look for the gift in all experiences, you make a choice to lift yourself above your struggles. You choose your thoughts and your attitudes, you refuse to be a victim of life and choose instead to be empowered by seeing the gifts in every experience.

You Get to Choose

Regardless of the challenges you face or the unfortunate situations in your life, you can choose how you interpret them. You can choose to focus on gratitude for lessons learned and blessings received. You can choose to focus on love, joy and happiness, or, you can stay stuck as a victim of anger, disappointment and loss.

Looking for the gifts in each moment and expressing gratitude for the blessings will not make your life problem-free or perfect. But, it will bring goodness to the forefront and diminish the importance of the not-so-good.

Focus is a powerful magnet. If you focus on the good, you will attract more positive energy into your life.

Look at Your Life

Take a close look at your life – as it is today.

Look for the gifts that are available to you right now. What are the lessons to be learned and the blessings to be enjoyed? Are you willing to recognize and accept the gifts and enjoy the benefits available to you? It is always a choice.

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