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Living in a Pressure Pot

Pressure Builds Day After Day

The pace of our lives today is so fast, that it often feels impossible to keep up. Too many of us are living in a pressure pot and the pressure builds day after day after day.

We can communicate with any one at any time and from almost any location. Information on every subject is only a click away. With the push of a button, we have access to books, publications, music and art. Entertainment and information are available in ways that were not conceivable ten or twenty years ago.

It is an amazing, privileged world in which we live. There is no doubt technology has improved our way of life. Each day seems to be richer and fuller than the day before . . . but, it comes with a price.

The Electronic Leash

Technology has us bound so tightly together that it is almost impossible to escape. We are always available to anyone who wants to reach us. We are capable of continuous personal and professional interaction. No one really thinks about whether those constant interactions are good for our mental or physical health.

The reality is – we are “always on.” As a result, the pressure is endless. When we are always accessible, more and more demands are made on our time and for our attention.

Unfortunately, time has not expanded. There are still only 24 hours in each day; and yet, there is always more and more that must be packed into those limited hours.  “Get it done – at any cost,” has become life’s mantra.

We frantically begin each day worried about how to do everything that “must be done” in the next 12 to 18 hours. We run hard and fast all day fulfilling today’s responsibilities and playing catch-up on the incompletes from yesterday. Then, we fall into bed exhausted worrying about tomorrow’s agenda.

Life Is a Blur

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We struggle to balance time and talent against an overloaded schedule filled with unrealistic expectations and demands to constantly perform at the highest level. Life has become a horrific, tension-filled blur. We are victims of a vicious cycle of our own making.

Continuing to live in this pressure pot of demands and expectations will drain all the joy from life, damage relationships, diminish productivity, and eventually irreparably damage physical and mental well-being.

The next few postings will be dedicated to pressure – how to control and deal with it on a daily basis.

First, we will explore what pressure is – and how it is different from stress. Then, we will look at what causes pressure and how it can come from even the most mundane activities.

Finally, we will look at how to deal with pressure. We will talk about effective strategies and methods that reduce and eliminate the negative effects of pressure.

Regardless of where or how you live, the strategies and methods can be applied. They can help you gain control over your life, take back your ability to perform at your highest level, and once again enjoy life.

Pressure Is Part of Life

Pressure, like stress, is part of life. You cannot avoid it. Given the world in which we live, you are guaranteed pressure in one form or another from time to time; but, that pressure can be managed when you know how.

Even though pressure is a reality, you do not have to live with relentless demands that drain all the joy from your life.

You do not have to be living in a pressure pot. A different, more peaceful existence is open to you.

Enough said for today . . . Join us next week as we explore what pressure is and how it differs from stress. 

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