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Living a Low Stress Lifestyle Is Best

Living a low stress lifestyle is by far the best way to go – and crucial in today’s fast-paced world. This is especially true for computer-based workers.

Stress is a natural part of life and not necessarily a bad thing. Stress is what drives you to great achievements.  It can be the power behind your successful endeavors and the fuel that encourages you to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

The important thing to remember is that it is impossible to completely remove stress from your life. Learning to manage stress (good and bad) is where you should place your focus. The difficulty comes when you are on stress overload and have not learned how to deal with it.


Healthy Lifestyle
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Managing stress is more than just identifying the specific stressors that are causing problems. It is about making lifestyle choices that minimize the effects of stress. For example: getting plenty of rest, eating a nutritious diet, and engaging in a regular exercise regimen are all basic to a low stress lifestyle.

Stress specific to computer-based workers are just part of the equation; and, they have to be managed as we have discussed in this series of articles. Use the links below to re-read the articles.

We started with an explanation about what stress is – and what it is not.  You read about the impact that it can have on different parts of your body and learned that poor choices that do not work with the natural functioning of your body can accumulate over time and lead to greater problems in the future.

We explored the types of stress that directly relate to the computer-based worker.  You were learned the hazards of poor posture, eye strain, eye fatigue, repetitive motions, and mishandling the massive amount of information from the Internet that bombards you on a daily basis

Next, we covered the ways to create a work environment that is conducive to both work and health. You learned about the mechanics of proper sitting, proper monitor placement, and the importance of an appropriate working environment. Hopefully, you are now more aware of how this can make all the difference in your level or productivity and the way you feel.

Then, we moved on to the topics of planning and preparation covering the pertinent aspects of time management and how it can help to alleviate stress.  We discussed techniques to help navigate the e-mail mine field and took a quick look at computer programs and applications that can make your life easier.

Finally, we explored the wonderland of outsourcing.  We discussed what it is, why you may want to consider it and specific things to factor into your decision when making the decision whether or not to implement this strategy.

It all starts with an evaluation of your business and choosing the tasks you may want to outsource and then, we covered the process of selecting a good outsourcing service that would be a good fit for your business – and possibly take your business to new heights.

Stress in general is universal, but for the computer-based worker the stressors are directly related to the job. Constant daily use of a computer brings with it a unique subset of stressors. When you learn to recognize the stressors and understand how problems can and do develop as a result of them, you will be prepared to do something about them – and protect yourself from the potential physical and mental damage.

The bottom line is that you will know how to avoid them, alleviate them, or deal with them so that computer-based stress is nothing to get stressed about! 🙂 horny college coeds ride.

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