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Lighten Your Load – Finding Freedom, Strategies 17 – 20

It’s Time tlighten your loado Lighten Your Load

Finding ways to lighten your load in your business is critical for personal well-being and for the success of your company.  Below are four strategies that will help to lighten your load significantly if you are willing and able to implement them.

Strategy #17

Build an Effective Affiliate Force:  

You do not have to find new customers all by yourself – or spend thousands of dollars every month for a marketing manager. Those are both options; but, another choice is to start your own affiliate program.

You are probably familiar with affiliate programs where people can sign up for free and receive tracking links to promote your products or services. When they make a sale, they earn a commission. If they do not make a sale – you pay them nothing. In other words, you pay for results only…a definite perk of having an affiliate program.

Take advantage of this excellent strategy. Set up your own affiliate program, provide training materials and promotional tools, and begin to motivate your affiliates into action. This will require time, effort, and possibly a little money to set up, but an affiliate force is something well worth having and takes some of the pressure off of you personally to find new customers.

Strategy #18

Learn to Delegate Regularly:

Make it a habit to delegate tasks to others as often as possible. When you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list, keep in mind that there are always some things that could be given to a virtual assistant, a free-lance writer or others you may have (or could have) helping you.

As you plan your daily and weekly schedules, always review the tasks you have listed for yourself and ask, “Could (or should) somebody else do this?” If the answer is clearly (or even marginally) “Yes,” then delegate!

Strategy #19

Plan Your Projects:

Planning is the best strategy I know to help you stay on course and to alleviate or prevent stress. Develop the habit of planning your crucial projects a year in advance. With a clearly focused outcome in mind, you can identify the incremental steps that must be taken in order to complete the project successfully.

When the long-term goal is in place, and the critical action steps are clearly laid out, it is much easier to establish check points along the way that will allow you to make course adjustments as needed.

Long-term goals also make weekly and daily planning much easier and more effective. When you know where you are going, the daily and weekly tasks that support the longer-term goals can be determined. There will be much less flailing about, and minimal wasted time and energy.

Finally, planning allows you to delegate more efficiently (Strategy #18), and to lessen your personal workload.

Strategy #20

Help More than One Person at a Time:

If you work one-on-one with clients, develop ways to serve more than one client at a time. It will ease your workload and increase your income dramatically.

For example, if you generally coach your clients one-on-one at the rate of $100/ hour, imagine how much better it would be for your clients – and for you – if you offered small group coaching over a period of 5 weeks (1 hour per week at the rate of $250/hour per participant). For a group of 10, you would receive $2500 (or $500/hour) instead of $100/hour. That is a 50% discount per hour for your clients and a 500% increase in revenue for you. Very nice!

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