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Leverage Social Media in Email Marketing

Learn to leverage social media in email marketing! It is easy and powerful.

Aweber allows social media sharing buttons within the HTML-style email messages you send out.  You can also include text links in your signature. This is a good idea to do because many people receive text-based emails over HTML email messages.  When an HTML message is converted to text, the icons and images are lost in the translation.  If you keep text URLs in your signature, people can copy and paste them into a browser in order to connect.

Read/watch this Aweber tutorial about adding social media icons to email messages here.

Also, be sure to “do the ask.” That means . . .  ask your reader to share your message.  Most people are happy to follow this request especially if they enjoy and trust your brand.

Whenever you send out a broadcast, be sure to click the check boxes to submit an update to Facebook and/or Twitter.  Be sure to take advantage of these features and send your latest broadcast out to followers and friends.

Review your list settings for both your prospect and buyers lists.  Set up the Facebook and Twitter connections so that they automatically send out updates whenever you send an email broadcast.

Note: This feature is only available for broadcast messages – not follow up messages. horny college coeds ride.

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