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Levels of Good Deeds for Your List

When it comes to doing good with your list, there are different levels of good deeds that you can consider. They range from being barely helpful to being the kind of marketer that the subscribers to your list feel they know on a personal basis – like a good friend. For me, there is no question that the latter is definitely better, but the choice is up to you.

Below are a several levels of good deeds (levels of giving) that you can use with your subscribers. As you read through them, consider which level will work best for you.

  1. Free gift for opting in.
  2. Free gift for opting in, plus free email tips.
  3. Free gift for opting in, free email tips, intermittent unannounced free gifts.
  4. Free gift for opting in, free email tips, intermittent unannounced free gifts, and free webinars.
  5. Free gift for opting in, free email tips, intermittent unannounced free gifts, free webinars, and one-on-one emails

The lowest level of “giving” possible is obviously the first one. Subscribers get nothing more than the opt-in gift that was promised on the sign-up page. Marketers who choose this level usually do nothing more than use their list to broadcast for sales.

The second level offers not only the opt-in freebie; but, sets up a series of email messages that runs on autopilot for months and years to come.

The third level is actually the first real level of giving – and the one I personally recommend. This is the marketer that takes the first two steps, and also sends something for nothing from time to time – just as a way to say, “Thank you for letting me stay in touch with you!”

Then, above and beyond that, there are the guys who not only give the free gift for opting in, the email tips, and unannounced gifts, but they also engage with their subscribers live through a webinar in either audio or video format! This is where you really begin to make a personal connection.

Finally, you have the ultimate marketing giver – the one who does all of the above . . . AND . . . willingly responds to one-on-one email messages.

When this marketer emails his/her subscribers, they can hit reply and he or she will answer and is available to engage in conversation. There are challenges with this option. Subscribers can take advantage of the marketer, and it would be unrealistic for anyone to be a personal mentor available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, so limits have to be set – and a clear strategy developed on how to handle the messages. Having an unmanned help desk is not a good choice.

You certainly do not have to start out at the 5th level of involvement, but your level of good deeds can increase with time; and personal one-on-one messages may be something you could aim for eventually.

Good luck with your choice – go for it and make it work for you. horny college coeds ride.

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