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Let Someone Else Do the Work for You

You do not have to do all the work yourself.  Let someone else do the work for  you. Private label rights (PLR) is a great way to create content with ease. You can use it all “as is,” (although I do not recommend doing that) or tweak it considerably so that it reflects YOU online and not the original author. It is important to weave your own stories, quotes, writing style, and personality into the mix, but more about that in a moment.

Drive Traffic to Site

Marketers always talk about driving traffic to their site. Many use paid advertisements to get the job done; but, if funds are limited, there are other options. One of those options is to use PLR to push or pull visitors to your site.

Push People to Your Site with PLR

You can use PLR materials anywhere online that that you can post ideas and content – AND – include a link to any page on your website.

Let’s explore this a little. You can post on Facebook or Google Plus, and share a juicy morsel from you newly created PLR blog post, linking it back to your site. For example, you could link the post to any of the following: your contact page; your opt-in page; your “About” page; or the blog post itself.

Social media is not the only option, either. You can use any free platform, such as article directories as long as your PLR article has been sufficiently tweaked that is now your unique article.

You could also use a portion of a PLR article in a press release and submit that online to drive traffic to your site.

You can become an active guest blogger using PLR content; but, Google is very aware of this practice (and not happy about it). So, if you do use this traffic generator, be smart and careful; be sure you transform every article so that it is significantly different than the original.

Pulling Visitors to Your Site with PLR

Pulling visitors to your site requires quality and consistency. Using PLR will allow you to provide both by cutting your writing time dramatically. The goal is to have search engine spiders crawling your site, and part of their formula is checking for regular delivery of fresh content.

Depending on how creative you are, how much time you have to write, and your dedication to the process, you may choose to use PLR exclusively or combine/alternate it with your original content created from scratch.

The more frequently you post, the more often spiders return to index your content. The reason this is so important is that it helps you get ranked in search results pages – and that, my friend, is what pulls visitors to your website.

The wealth of PLR that can be purchased for this purpose is amazing. It comes in many forms – blog posts, one-off or series of articles, eBooks and reports that you can break apart, and even email auto-responder series that can be converted to public posts rather than used inside emails.

REMEMBER! PLR content is sold to many people (for many purposes) and you may very well run into others who have purchased the same content. This is why it is critical to edit, change wording, add information, etc. The degree to which you tweak the content is up to you. It can be simple changes, or a complete rewrite – line by line – using the PLR as your starting point only.

Either way, even with a complete rewrite, you reduce your personal writing time because the hardest parts – idea development, research, organization, and creation of the content has been done for you.

Create a Great Opt In Offer with PLR

Now that visitors are starting to pour in, build and sustain your success by creating and offering an amazing product from PLR. This works very well because the content in offerings is not publicly scanned by search engines, so there’s no need to worry about how others have used the material.

Do you due diligence and find one or two top-quality PLR stores that provide material relevant to your niche. From your findings, develop a stellar opt-in offer that will dazzle your visitors. Refine it, edit as you see fit, format it, add your name and links, convert it to a PDF, and upload it as a free gift for your subscribers.

Opt-in free gifts can be created from PLR with as few as five pages up to any amount. Remember – your goal is to offer VALUE! At the same time, be sure to leave the opportunity open for you to sell something, as well. Do not give away the store with the first free gift.

If you cannot seem to find a PLR report that is the exact content you are seeking, try combining a number of articles into a short report. You only need five to seven well-written articles to develop solid package that will be attractive as an opt-in offer.

Everything you write/post/offer should be edited to reflect your voice and style. If it has your name on it, it must be a reflection of you and your values. In an absolute emergency, you can occasionally use PLR “as is” (as long as it is quality); but, personally, I have NEVER found anything that I would publish directly without any changes.

Turn Prospects into Customers with PLR

The marketing gurus preach that prospects must be exposed to an item for sale seven times before they are willing to buy! This is where PLR and an auto-responder can help – big time!

When you find that a quality PLR store that you can truly rely on, you will also find PLR that is designed for email auto-responders. You can also buy PLR articles or blog posts and easily convert them into an email auto-responder series. Another choice is to break up an eBook and use it as snippets from the product you are selling.

The snippets are used as teaser emails designed to inform and educate your subscribers, while showcasing your expertise without giving everything away.  . You only need a 3- to 10-day auto-responder series to start converting into sales.

PLR also works extremely well for daily or weekly emails that help you stay in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis. With a high-quality PLR pack of 52 articles, you can quickly punch out and queue up one message per week for an entire year. Sounds great, right?

There you have it . . . are you getting excited?  You should be! horny college coeds ride.

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