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Top 3 Lessons Learned Using Social Media (#3)

Lesson #3

This is the third posting in the series of “lessons learned using social media.”

Don’t let the time demand prevent you from using social media – stay focused on your goals. Once you get rolling, you need to commit to consistent participation. Enjoy the process as you get to know your followers.

Image by  mkhmarketing
Social Media – Image by mkhmarketing

People who pay attention to their friends/fans/peeps/followers and interact with them are the ones who reap the rewards of loyalty and more sales. So, be consistent with participation and follows some basic rules of socializing online.

Let your personality shine through – whatever you do – DO NOT be a bore! This is not all about you . . . it is about your followers! Find ways to entertain them: share photos, videos, quotes, links to interesting articles, books you find interesting, and events.  Be sure that everything you post is relevant to your niche or a current event, but mix up your communication ingredients to add more flavor and show your personality.

Avoid negative rants and never bash the competition. The role of your social media is to increase participation in your brand and should always be a positive experience.  Attracting people to your social media portal by bashing the competition ends up creating a negative-based community, which will not be fun for you or them – and is not conducive to increasing sales. Eventually people will tire of the negative experience and leave.

Action Steps:

  1. Commit to consistent participation within each social media venue you use.  Select one or two and participate in them every day.
  2. It is OK to share some ups and downs that may occur in your life, but don’t let negativity become a continual theme – or  people will abandon you.
  3. Do not bash the competition.
  4. Now take it forward, share, and have fun! horny college coeds ride.

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