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Top 3 Lessons Learned Using Social Media (#1)

Lesson #1 – Don’t Avoid Social Media

Today seems like a good day to share my mistakes and a few lessons learned using social media. (This is the first in a series of three lessons.) BTW everyone makes mistakes when they first begin using social media. Hopefully, these postings will help you avoid some of those mistakes.

Lesson 1:  Get Involved – Don’t Avoid the Inevitable! MySpace was the early bird in social media and I had no interest in it whatsoever.  As a result when it started going downhill, I was glad I had not invested any time using it.  I thought I had been very wise. So, when Twitter and Facebook arrived I held my ground and did not get involved with them either because I believed they would also fail; but, I was so wrong.  As we all know, they succeeded beyond almost everyone’s expectations, and other social media tools have arrived in full force.

Image by The Daring Librarian
Image by The Daring Librarian

Because of the number of choices at your fingertips, the best thing you can do for yourself is to do your research. Find out what social media tools your target audience favors. That is the big question.

Of course, you could ask them via a survey and reward their responses with some kind of relevant gift. OR – you could choose one (on a best guess) and start a campaign to build up followers. Twitter Symbol

My first choice was Twitter because it was easy to learn, many people on my list used it, and the messages were short (both a good thing and a bad thing, but it works.) My handle is @AZHeartSong. (Check it out)


Action Steps

  1. Do not be intimidated, hesitant, or afraid – just get moving with some form of social media.
  2. Establish a goal for your social media (visibility, traffic or sales – I recommend starting a campaign to increase visibility of your brand.)

Twitter is an easy one to use as a starting point and setting up the profile is fairly simple. In fact, start right now: Sign-up with Twitter.

Then – “follow me” at

Let me know that you found me through this posting – and I will follow you back.

Have fun! horny college coeds ride.

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