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Keywords Are Critical

What People Are Searching For

Image by nasirkhan
Image by nasirkhan

To be a successful online marketer, you must know what people are searching for – and keywords are critical in the process. 

When it comes to internet marketing, you must learn how to choose effective keywords. They can be a powerful tool to help you win your market.

If you are smart in your choice of keywords, internet users will find you with ease. If you choose badly, or ignore the importance of keywords altogether, you will remain invisible.

Every search online regardless of the search engine being used (Google/Bing/Yahoo), starts with a keyword or phrase.

For example, a young woman wants to learn how to accentuate her eyes.  She may use any of the following: eye makeup, eye brows, beautiful eyes, eyelashes, extensions, false eyelashes, eye shadow, makeup tips, cosmetics, beauty, etc.

It is the same with any niche that you are promoting. You must research keywords to find the exact keywords and keyword phrases that your target customers or people in your market niche are using to ensure they will end up on your pages.

How to Find Effective Keywords

Image by enterlinedesign
Image by enterlinedesign
  1. Enter your main keyword in the Google Search Bar and note all the phrase suggestions, which are frequently used by Internet users. Be smart and incorporate these keyword phrases to your web content along with your main keyword.
  1. Use Google Adwords: Keyword Planner. All you have to do is enter your main keyword and Google will show you a list of related keyword phrases and how often people are using those keywords.

In the example of the main keyword eye makeup, Google Adword yielded the following top results:

  • makeup 1,830,000
  • mascara 550,000
  • eye makeup  246,000
  • eye shadow palette 201,,000
  • eye shadow 165,000
  • smokey eyes 135,000
  • eye liner 90,500

You can see how this is a good place to start.  Keywords may be listed that do not fit your need exactly, but you can pick and choose the ones that are directly related to your niche/product/service. horny college coeds ride.

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