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Keeping the End in Mind – Planning Your Ideal Business

You Must See the Big Picture

Keeping the end in mind is a critical piece of the process.

You must be prepared for the fact that every target customer is NOT exactly like you. At the point where their interests diverge from yours, give them options – either send them in another direction with an affiliate link to a product and marketer that suits them better (so you can even make money and earn goodwill as you send them out your door)… or to a different but related funnel you have set up.

In the example below the $19.97 Guide leads directly into another funnel –all writing Kindle eBooks. That particular funnel would also have a free offer leading other visitors to it from external sources such as organic web traffic.

Keeping the End in Mind

Susan has found her calling, but another customer, Diane, may quickly recognize that copywriting is not for her and she has no desire to continue down that path. It becomes clear that she would rather write her own Kindle eBooks. Our Copywriting Coach is prepared for this because he has researched his target market well, and provides her with an exit to a different funnel that is more appealing right when she needs it.

That type of research, planning, and development are critical to building a self-sustaining Online economy rather than creating another single-channeled job in which your become your own hardest working employee.

Even if you are building your business on one skill – adding passive income such as eBooks, membership sites, or multiple courses will help create an actual sales funnel, rather than just collecting one client at a time and earning one wage per client.

If you do not plan ahead and develop products that can create a solid sales funnel from the beginning, you can easily become so busy with clients that it never happens. Suddenly you realize that eight months has passed, you are working yourself to the bone, and your business has stopped growing. You are only one person and the amount of money you can make is limited by the hours you have in each day.

You scramble wildly in a panic to create another product and send out an email to your subscribers. When the sales figures from the initial offering are far less than you expected, you realize that 80% of your subscribers deleted your email unread, because they couldn’t remember who you were. Subscribers have very short memories and because of your failure to nurture and sustain those relationships, you lost them.

The “Big Picture” is critical. You must keep it clearly in your mind as you move forward, and think about it before you ever start into the basic details of setting up a new business.

As Steven Covey says, “Start with the end in mind.” Be very clear about where you want to be at the end of the road – and work backwards, filling in the details (action steps) from end to beginning.  Don’t panic – I will be providing worksheets to help you with this.

Stay tuned!

Want all of the information? Begin at the beginning: Building an Online Business.

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