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Internet Basics – A New Series

You may have been working with internet marketing for a time, or just starting out.  Regardless of the reason you have chosen this path, you can be confident in your decision because it is a good one.  However, internet basics are crucial for your success. Interconnecting Circles on Google

If you are a novice, be prepared for the steep learning curve experienced by most people (the degree of the hill you must climb will depend on your experience with computers and the internet).

Regardless of your level of experience, everyone has to take the first steps and learn how everything works together in order for your effort to pay off.

As you get into the process, it may seem like a long and slow journey when juxtapositioned to the fast-paced world of the internet. However, do not let that discourage you. If you want to be successful, you should plan to work your way through the basics, learning as much as you can, as quickly as you can, and get into the game as soon as possible. Remember – everyone’s pace is different, so be patient with yourself.

The reality is that it may take one to three years (or more) before you start realizing a profit.  Don’t let the “make-a-million in just 60 days” scam artists fool you.  It takes time and focused effort.

Also – avoid the “shiny-object syndrome” that keeps you jumping from product to product hoping for the silver bullet that will short-cut your journey.  When you get caught in that trap, you will spend thousands of dollars and get nowhere.

My recommendation is to study the basics first. When you have a clear understanding of how things work, you can look for tools from a reputable provider to help you get where you want to go.  But . . . that comes later.

Fortunately, you have found this series of posts which are taken from my new ebook, which will give you the information you need to begin without being overwhelmed with technical jargon. The postings  will serve as a beginner’s guide to internet marketing basics and will help simplify your learning curve.

Be sure to visit every Tuesday and Friday for new postings in the series.  Join us on Tuesday for the first posting: Introduction to Internet Marketing. See you then.

Happy journey! horny college coeds ride.

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