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Install an Opt In Box on your Website

WOW! You have accomplished so much. Your list is set up; you know what types of messages you will be placing in your queue or broadcasting to your list, it is time to go LIVE. That means it is time to install an opt in box on your Website.

There are two locations where you should place the opt in box – your blog page and your squeeze page.

Let’s start with the blog first because for most people it is easier than working with a static site.

If you do not have a blog, I suggest you consider starting one. There are many free tutorials online, if need help. We are going to move forward on the assumption that you already have one installed.

Let’s begin!

Creating the Web Form

Log-in to your AWeber account and open your blog dashboard in another tab. Once your dashboard is open – navigate to “Appearance” – then – “Widgets.”

Click the “Sidebar 2” option so that the opt-in box will be on the right side of your blog layout. This may different, depending on the theme you are using and the type of layout you have; so you will have to adjust accordingly.

Inside your AWeber account, click the list name at the top in the drop down menu to ensure you are creating an opt-in box for the correct subscriber list. (That is, of course, if you have more than one list.)

Nest – click the “Sign-up Forms” tab.  The following page will appear:

Click in the green button, “Create Your First Sign Up Form.” This will provide you with a number of templates to choose from.  (See image below.)

Scroll through until you find one with a color scheme or theme that matches the theme and appearance of your blog and reflects your brand.

By clicking “Show More,” it will open more options where you can see specific niche themes, such as: home, real estate, travel, food and wine, etc.

When choosing the colors, you do not have to guess. Open up a third tab showing your blog page so you can match the colors as closely as possible.

By clicking on different lines of the form, you can quickly tell which ones can be edited. You can add text, center it, or bold it. You can also delete items or areas if you want to customize the opt-in box.

On the left, you will see the option to “Create a New Field,” which allows you to create a special area for visitors who are opting in to submit additional information. For example, a PLR Request box would allow your prospective customers to enter their topic ideas or requests.

Most marketers do not ask for the full identity in an opt-in box. It is best to simply ask for first name and email. Requests for more information make people nervous and they may hesitate to opt-in.

However, if it is a special offer, such as a 30-minute personal coaching call, you may want to request a phone number.

If you realize the web form is too wide for your blog’s sidebar, hover over it and drag the sides of the form inward to easily re-size it. When you have finished, click “Save Web Form.” Then, click “Go to Step 2.”

At this point, you will be asked to give the form a name. This is for your use only – no one else will see it. Be sure to give it a name that makes sense to you in the future and will also identify it as a blog form.

You will also have the opportunity to enter a specific thank you or an “already subscribed” page if you choose to – or, you can use the default page. Once again, click “Save Web Form” and “Go to Step 3.”

Installing the Web Form Manually

On the top of the “Step 3” page you will see the following:

Click on “I Will Install My Form.” Choose the Raw HTML Version and copy the code that appears in the box. Then, navigate to the tab that shows your Website dashboard, where you have opened “Appearances” and then “Widgets.” Drag a “Text Box” over to the sidebar where you want your opt-in box to appear and paste the code into the box.

Save and close the box. Go to your website to see if the form appears as it should. If it is too wide, has a typo, or does not look the way you want it to look, go back and edit the web form. Then, go through the process of copying and pasting the code once again.

Once you have it the way you want it – it is done! Congrats! horny college coeds ride.

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