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Paid Traffic Strategies #5: In-text and Banner Advertising

 In-text and Banner Advertising

Point #36

In-text and banner advertising are two good options for paid traffic strategies. It is wise to understand them well before venturing down either path.

In-text Advertising
When using In-text advertising specific keywords within the text of a webpage are matched with advertisers who are looking for traffic relating to the specific keyword.  It looks like a natural link within the content.  The main difference is that in-text ads have a double-underline while your normal contextual link is single.

Amobee and Infolinks are companies offering this type of advertising.
Some blogs/websites are monetized using in-text advertising.   Some people love it, others hate it.   You don’t have a lot of control over what keywords are used for the links.  Personally, I don’t like it because I think it detracts from the usability of a website.

Paid Banner Advertising
This type of advertising can be very powerful when placed on sites generating plenty of traffic.  With this type of advertising, you pay a website owner to place your banner ad (text ads are used too) on a conspicuous place within their blog/website or on a newsletter.

To see this in action check out this website: All the ads on the right side of the page are paid banner ads.  Click over to the advertising page and you are presented with this message:

Note: We are presently sold out of banner advertising space on SurvivalBlog, and are building a large waiting list. If you’d like to advertise, just e-mail us and we’ll put you on the waiting list for ad space.”

This blogger is making some serious gelt selling ad space on his/her blog.  However, these advertisers also must be getting some great returns as it appears they aren’t giving up their paid banner ad positions.

Action Step

Look for high traffic blogs or websites that offer advertising.  You should look for blogs that are related to your product or service, but are not in direct competition with you.

For example, if you sell an Infoproduct on “6-Pack Abs” then find banner ad space on a health and fitness site, supplements blog, or runners/cycling/yoga blogs.

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