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5 Apps to Improve Focus

Are You Struggling to Stay Focused?

5 apps to improve focus
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Our lives are so full and demanding, plus we deal with continual information overload and unrelenting responsibilities that it is not uncommon to struggle with staying focused – and completing a task before jumping to the next one.

As a result, you may be frustrated by the continual effort to multi-task and at the same time trying to control your wandering mind, which both contribute to diminished productivity.

Because there are thousands of people in the same boat, there is an ever-increasing demand for apps that can increase focus.

Below is a short list that can help you focus and get more out of your work day. Check them out!

TimeTracking Apps – these look at everything you do on your computer.  Instead of keeping a journal to track what you are doing, the app will do it for you.  It can tell you how many minutes you spend spent on email, social media, and other work

It will then create a timeline that shows you how much time you spend on specific tasks as well as your patterns of switching back and forth.  This is an excellent way to identify problem areas and make necessary changes.

There are many choices in this category. Check out the 20 Best Time-tracking Apps.

FocusBooster is a time-management app. It helps you to develop a daily to-do list and coaches you throughout the day.  The premise is you will be more productive when you work for 25 minutes on a single task and take a 5 minute break. The app keeps track of what you are doing and helps you to stay on track with alarms and reminders.

Anti-Social  – Dealing with social media distractions throughout the work day is very common.  It is hard to avoid social media when you use the internet for your work. The Anti-Social App will block social media sites for a period of time specified by you.

You can customize which sites are blocked and for how long.  If you find that you need to override the control, you simply have to restart your computer.

StayFocusd comes at the problem from a little different direction. It is a Google app that allows you to spend a specific amount of time on time-wasting sites such as social media and YouTube.  For this app you set a time limit and the app will allow you to waste as much time as you allot and then cut you off.

This is a great app if you want to give yourself permission to waste some time, but be careful, you must discipline yourself and stay in control.

Wunderlist will help you plan your day and keep track of priorities. If you have many irons in the fire and need help keeping track of everything you have to do, Wunderlist a good choice. It is designed to help you stay organized and focused by keeping all of your to-do lists in one place. It ensures that no task slips through the cracks. I promise you will feel less scattered and more on point.

I would love to hear about your experiences with any of the apps.  Please share.

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