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Drive Traffic with Video Marketing

The Power of Video Marketing

Learning how to drive traffic with video marketing should be high on your list of things to do. Video marketing is powerful because it is still “new” and many people have not jumped on the band wagon yet.

There are a large number of videos showing cuddly kittens and bloopers (not to mention music videos); but, many marketers are still feeling paralyzed because they believe that video marketing has to be perfect, which is not the case.

video marketing
Flip  Video Camera

Video marketing can be done in two different ways and both are fairly easy.

First, if being on camera terrifies you, try a tool like Camtasia. With this tool, you can capture the screen of your computer, rather than having to be on screen yourself.

Or, if you are willing to be on camera, you can invest in an affordable mini video camera like the Flip or Bloggie, which can be set up on a small tripod that costs about $10-15. Then, you can record a video of yourself teaching a lesson or chatting to the audience in your niche.

Whichever method you choose, remember, they do not have to be professional-level videos – all you need is good quality that offer value to the viewers.

When you first consider driving traffic with video marketing, you may think you would lose the ability to include links for your squeeze page; but, that is not the case. You can enter a hyperlink in the description; plus it is possible to enter the links right into the video itself.

Once completed, put your videos up on YouTube, making sure you use keywords in your title and description. Then embed the video and make a transcription of it for your blog. Be sure your hyperlink is included for the squeeze page!


The great thing about posting videos on YouTube is that others can take your video, embed it on their blog and present it to their traffic . . .  which increases your traffic and possible sign ups to your list as a result of simply sharing your lessons publicly.

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