I finally did it! My Website is up!

April 18, 2013

Personal Musings

For anyone under 30 or maybe even under 40, building a Website is probably a minor event in their lives; but, for me (and probably many people who have lived a decade or two beyond 40), building a Website is a major challenge and a major accomplishment. If you could see me right now, you would be witnessing a wild and crazy happy dance.

I started writing and self-publishing my books a little over a year ago. Early on I became aware of the necessity for a Website to communicate with my readers!  Because I was a new author, money was not flowing freely and hiring someone to do it was not an option. It were to be, it was up to me . . . and I had no clue how to begin. In fact, the thought of trying to do it made my head hurt.  I was so intimidated by the challenge that it simply did not happen.

Two weeks ago I realized that I had to stop procrastinating. Like it or not, I had to take the leap, dedicate the time and just do it. Fortunately, I purchased my domain name 13 months ago, and setting my hosting account with GoDaddy was pretty easy – thanks to their tech support; but, that was only a tiny first step! I had no idea that I would be struggling up one of the steepest learning curves I have ever faced.

It has taken me two full days just to get the basics in place – two days filled with moment after moment of complete frustration.  It all started with choosing a theme that appealed to me and would also do what I needed it to do (and I wasn’t even sure what I needed it to do.)

The next big hurdle was trying to get the theme downloaded into WordPress. That took several hours of trying to figure it out myself using WordPress.org and three frantic phone calls to GoDaddy until I finally reached someone who knew how to do it. With his help it only took 10 minutes. Relief washed over me, but the biggest challenge of all was ahead – actually building the Website – layout, design, colors, creating new pages, etc; and I am still struggling with the question of how to get images into my posts, plus a dozen other issues! BUT . . . I now have a Website. Yeah!

I really wish I were a techie right now! This is would be so much easier. I could finish it quickly and it would be perfect. Then, I could get back to writing, which is why I wanted a website in the first place.

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