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How to Do Good with Your List

If you want to know how to do good with your list, all you have to do is be guided by the question:

How can I serve my customers? 

If every decision you make, including the products/services you provide and your efforts to build a list are based on that question, you will do good. It is simply a matter of continually thinking of the different ways your business can help people.

Caring about your potential subscribers/customers will help you generate better email messages and enjoy a higher conversion rate. Your desire to help them will come through, loud and clear.

People buy from people they know and trust. So, if you want to see your sales continually increase, you must present yourself as a trustworthy individual. Words alone will not be enough; you have to prove it by your actions.

You should NEVER try to build a list by inundating people with sales messages (spamming) – that will backfire every time.

In future postings, we will explore the most effective types of messages to email your list; but for today, I just want you to think about exactly how you want your subscribers to think of you. What is your vision? Who do you want to be for your customers? What value will you provide for them?

You have a number of choices.  For example, you can be . . .

  • The person who delivers news
  • The person who reviews products
  • The person who shares great tips
  • The person who always provides motivating insights at just the right time
  • The person who is a trendsetter and leads them in new strategies/techniques
  • Or – a combination of any of the above

You may be wondering if the information I will be sharing is just for internet marketing niches. The answer is NO.

Let’s take look at how it can apply to other niches by working with “healthy diets.”

By itself, “diets” is a fairly broad niche, but the addition of “healthy” narrows it down a little.

Let’s work through one point at a time, expanding each one to see how you could become the go-to person in that niche and entice people to subscribe:

  • You deliver details about unhealthy food fads/diets that are in the news.
  • You review new “healthy foods” on the market, offering insights, words of encouragement and words of warning, when necessary.
  • You always have good tips to share, such as, “How to eliminate hidden sugars from your diet.”
  • You provide motivating insights at just the right time, such as “Six healthy desserts to satisfy your sweet cravings.”
  • You are a trendsetter, leading them in new strategies/techniques. For example, you could release your own “Healthy Diet Cookbook” to alleviate the stress of trying to find healthy recipes to feed their families. You may even want to offer it to your subscribers as an early release, greatly discounted.

Hopefully, you can see that it does not matter if your niche is breast feeding, skateboarding, pet care, working from home, ageing, or weight loss – your connection to each individual on your list may be the only one they have with someone.

People have hopes, dreams, and problems; but, often cannot talk to family or friends about them, so they reach out to others. You may be just the one to help.

Please, do not disappoint them by being a snake-oil salesman who just wants their money and will do anything to get it. One-time sales that create disappointed customers should not be your goal.

Image by kbuntu
Image by kbuntu

You want to build solid relationships ships that come from providing value through products and/or services. You want to help your subscribers with their problem(s) so they trust you and your recommendations – and come back again and again.

That is how you do good and enjoy the gold at the same time. horny college coeds ride.

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