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How to Develop Loyal Fans

Point #10 – Engagement Ideas to Help Develop Loyal Fans

You have been working for a while now and it may seem as if you have been spending a lot of time, money and energy on building a list – right?  You have developed your opt-in bait and your squeeze page points, plus focused on building your prospect lists and buyer lists…congratulations; but, you have only just begun!

You have probably heard, “The money is in the list,” but it isn’t really. It is in the loyalty and trust you establish with the people in your list.

This important point is all about finding ways to stay engaged with your subscribers (your list).  It can be challenging, but keep the faith – there are resources you can use to make the process faster and easier.

Ideas to get readers engaged and looking forward to your next email:

1.    Create Blocks of Emails
Tutorials are great for this.  The email provides a brief introduction and then provides a link back to posts which are the tutorials.  These tutorials can provide additional information (ie., tips, secrets, power tactics) which aren’t shared in the blog and therefore aren’t readily available to non-subscribers.  Make receipt of the tutorials one of the benefits of joining your list!

2.    Do Not Sell in Every Email
Even when you do sell, combine it with a learning point. Develop your story telling skills. Learn how to blend a story with a learning point that accentuates the benefits of a product you promote.

3.    Include a Personal Email Address
Encourage people to “hit reply” to ask you questions. When they do contact you, let them know you read their email and always respond to personal questions.

4.    Offer Freebies and Unannounced Bonuses
Set up a freebie page….or two or three:
•    For prospects
•    For buyers
•    For affiliates

5.    Be Careful with Personalized Emails (They No Longer Work Well)
In order for them to be effective, you have to capture a real name.  There is a fairly common practice to use garbage names or names of their pets. Subscribers know that emails are not personally written to each recipient and using their “fake” name just proves it. As a result many marketers have stopped personalizing.

6.    Include a Signature in Your Emails
Use a robust signature – with a link to your website, links to your social networks and Skype contact address.

7.    Ask for Feedback or Suggestions
Use a short survey or use your Facebook page for a quick survey.

8.    Answer Questions and Share the Answers on Your Blog
Share helpful links, blog posts and references.  Chances are that webmaster or blogger will take note and remember you.

9.    Get Out of the Business Rut
Add personal flavor to your posts – be real!  Share thoughts, ideas, and opinions – and blog about community events you sponsor or support.

Action Steps:

  • Determine which of these suggestions you can incorporate immediately into your autoresponder.
  • Create seven new messages.

Take your action steps today! Each day you procrastinate is another lost opportunity. horny college coeds ride.

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