Announcing a New Series – How to Build a Following

I am so excited to announce that I have decided to write a book that will be titled:  How to Build a Following – a common challenge for online marketers.

The good news is that rather than wait until the book is finished, I am going to share the tips and techniques with you as I create them. In other words, you will be able to read the book as it develops.

I hope you find the information informative and useful – and that you will begin to build a following immediately.

Image by Stuart Miles
Image by Stuart Miles

The series of posts (and chapters in the book) will be divided into four sections:

  1. Build Your List
  2. Social Media Influence
  3. Paid Traffic Basics
  4. Google Hangouts

If you collect all the posts, you will be setting up a mini-library of tips and techniques to help you build a following. It doesn’t matter if you are an internet marketer, a massage therapist, writer or veterinarian; your profits are directly related to the loyalty people feel towards your product or services.  Of course, I hope you will also buy the book when it is published to keep as an easy reference.

If you are interested in this series (and I hope you are), it is a good indication that you are interested in building your authority as a person who knows how to create a loyal following.

The first post will appear soon – watch for it!

Read – Implement – Enjoy!

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