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Getting a Domain Name

Be Smart – Pick a Good One

Image by jezper
Image by jezper

To have an effective, powerful website you need the best domain name possible.

A domain name is to a website what an address is to a house – it is the way that people find you.

Common names that would be “perfect” for you will probably sell for a lot because of the high demand – if they are available at all. So, getting a domain name that works well and doesn’t cost a fortune can take some time – sometimes weeks.

If you were to talk to the most successful online entrepreneurs they would tell you that the choosing the right domain name for your website is critical because it can directly affect your business. It becomes a significant element in your branding – so, take your time.

If you are totally perplexed on how to choose a good one, there are services available that will help you choose your name based on certain criteria.

There Are Fees

Domain names are not expensive; but, there are annual fees. Paying several years in advance is a popular choice because it makes the overall price more reasonable – plus search engines take you more seriously.

The fee is collected for name servers since domain registers do not own them.

If you do not make your payment in a timely manner, the domain can once again be listed as unregistered, which means it can be purchased by someone else – and you can no longer use it.

Your domain name serves as your online identity. So – when making your choice, be sure it is easy to remember. Also, choose something that has the potential to rank well in the search engines.

Good luck and have fun in the process!

Side Note: 

Choosing a domain name is a very big deal especially for large companies. In fact, they will sometimes offer to buy a particular domain name from a registered user.

Some individuals buy and sell popular domain names as a way of making money.  In some cases, they build a website and a business using the domain name. Once it attracts a sizeable amount of traffic, they sell the website (and the domain name) to the highest bidder. (Food for thought) horny college coeds ride.

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