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Follow Up! – Finding Freedom Series, Strategy #32

FOLLOW UP Is Critical

follow upFOLLOW UP in business is a pre-requisite for converting prospects to customers – and –  for building and sustaining relationships with existing customers. If you do not stay in touch, you will lose them – guaranteed!

Strategy #32

Follow Up with Your Prospects:

Whenever you get a lead, a newsletter subscriber or make contact with a potential customer, ALWAYS follow up. Establish a rapport with your prospects that will allow them to get to know you, to trust you, to learn about your business, and ultimately want to buy from you. Your mailing list is a valuable asset. Always take the time to grow your list and to USE it regularly.

Follow Up with Your Customers:

I find it strange that we are told repeatedly to collect email addresses by publishing a newsletter; but, many people forget about following up with their existing customers. Your existing customers are extremely valuable and should be treated with great care.

Existing Customers Are a Valuable Asset You Do Not Want to Lose

  •  If they have purchased your product and are pleased with their purchase, they are very likely to buy from you again.
  •  It costs much less in terms of money and time to get a customer to buy again than to try to find a new customer.

Keep in touch with your customers by giving them extra bonuses, advanced notice of products, discounts, etc. In other words, treat them right and encourage loyalty so they keep buying from you.

Use auto-responders tools that will help you automatic a lot of the follow-up. Yes, you have to do the work initially, but once it is set up – it works like magic.

Mail-chimp  is an excellent free service if you are on a very tight budget.  Personally, I prefer AWeber Communications because of their tutorials, support and excellent features – and they have been around for a long time.

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