Get Beyond Your Fear of Hanging Out

Fear of Hanging Out

Point #48 – The world of the Internet offers many opportunities; and opportunities often raise many fears – especially when it cones to publicly promoting yourself. Vlogs, Video Blogging, Video Sales Pages, Podcasts, Webinars are all excellent promotional tools, but fear can stop you from using them.

Everyone – from celebrities and to business owners – has access to the world’s most popular playing field – the global Internet. Once you choose to enter that playing field as an individual or a business, your private world explodes.

You represent your company, or as an individual you become your own brand, and are evaluated accordingly. The results can be phenomenally successful or excruciatingly disastrous. So, putting yourself out there in real-time, live broadcasts (as you will be doing with public Google Hangouts) can definitely be a fearful adventure.

How do you manage your fear of being publicly vulnerable?

You know it is important to make your presence known – to get in front of your targeted audience (potential buyers). The good news is that Google+ Hangouts has made creating a video extremely easy – so the technical challenge has almost disappeared.  When you host a Hangout, it is automatically uploaded to YouTube. All you have to do is add a description and make the link private or public. In other words, Google takes care of the technical roadblocks.

The biggest challenge you must face is dealing with the fear of putting your face (and voice) on camera. The great thing about using Hangouts is that you can run a Hangout with no one watching if you choose, or with a friend that you completely trust.  Remember – you can keep the Hangout “private” on YouTube. You do not have to go “public” until you are ready.

Why not try out the process by having a few laughs with a friend who also has a business and would benefit from the experience. You will both learn a lot about using Hangouts. Before you know it, you will enjoy going public with your Hangouts and be ready to teach others how to use this amazing promotional tool.

Action Steps

  1. Set up and “run” a one-person Hangout (by yourself) to get familiar with how it all works.
  2. Hold a two-person “trial run” Hangout with a friend.
  3. Finally, hold a more official Hangout with several friends (or family members) or a couple of supportive customers.
    1. Brainstorm with them when you are finished for ideas on how to use hangouts – either personally or professionally.

Get going and enjoy the process! 

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