Generate Visibility with Facebook Timeline Features

Point #28 –Use Facebook Timeline FeaturesFacebook Symbol

Would you like to capture the attention of your fans in new ways that make you look like a sharp marketer?  It is important to post regular status updates, but there is great value in updating other areas of your fan page to capture interest.

Here are some hot tips:

1. Change your cover photo:

  • To match new promotions
  • To match changes in seasons
  • To announce news
  • To highlight an employee, vendor partner, or even a customer.

Changes to your cover photo appear in your timeline, which then appear on your followers’ newsfeed.

2. Use images, photos, or graphics which are fun or interesting.

3. There is a feature in Facebook called “pin-to-top” which allows you to “pin” a photo, poll, event, announcement, etc. to the top of the page.  Change this up frequently.

4. Invite your followers to upload and share their own images.  For example, if you sell pet supplies, invite your patrons to post pictures of their pets benefiting from something they purchased at your store.  This could even roll out as a contest theme.

5. Any time you update your timeline it updates followers’ newsfeeds. Avoid mass updates. Instead, spread them out over days or weeks.

Action Steps:

  1. Put one or more of these ideas into action this month.
  2. Track the responses so you can be clear about what generates the most activity.




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